This is good for Apple’s long-term growth: Munster

This is good for Apple's long-term growth: Munster

Kids these days are said to show no brand allegiance. But when it comes to the Apple, teens are fiercely loyal fans, according to new research by one noted analyst. As the new iPad is set for its debut on October 22, is Apple a long-term generational play?

Gene Munster, Senior Research Analyst at Piper Jaffray, is one of the best-known Apple analysts. He and his team recently conducted a survey of 8,643 teenagers about what kind of mobile phone and tablet devices they use. The winner was Apple by wide margin.

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Teen ownership of iPhones has gone from 40% in the fall of 2012 to 55% today. That number is expected to grow as 65% of teens expect their next phone to be an iPhone.

When it comes to teen ownership of table devices, Apple trounces its competition. While 44% of teens don't own tablets, the ones that do emphatically choose the iPad; 68% own an iPad (60% have the full-sized version while 8% have the iPad mini). Of those that plan on buying a tablet in the next six month, 64% say they want an Apple product.

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Now Apple is expected to release its latest iPad, a thinner version of its previous full-sized models with an A7X processor, its newest. It may even include a fingerprint scanner like the ones found in the latest iPhones, according to Current Editorials.

What does this all mean for Apple's stock? We talk numbers with Gene Munster on his research and the expected new iPad.

To see what Gene Munster has to say on Apple's future, watch the video above.

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