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Politicans as puppets: DC fight re-enactment

Bickering politicians turn into puppets

C'mon how many times have you scratched your head in disbelief over what has been going on in Washington for the last couple of weeks.

The has sparked lots of finger-pointing from on both sides of the aisle while the rest of us sit back and watch utterly dumbfounded. I mean, it's gotten so bad the Europeans are begging us to get "our" act together.

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Some lawmakers refuse to speak to each other, one took to the floor to read his children a Dr. Seuss bedtime story while other, more senior members are begging, "can't we just get along?!"

The arguing and antics have made our nation's elected officials sound a lot like bickering children on a playground. (With all due respect to bickering kids.)

Which got us thinking. Hmmmm, children, fighting, playground ... puppets!!!

Yep, time to call in the puppets for some much-needed comic relief.

So without any more delay, here they are, our nation's politicians at their finest as portrayed by those playground puppets.

—By CNBC's Gloria McDonough-Taub.