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Gas stations are the new 'it' places for foodies

Restaurants opening up now in gas stations

It used to be that the only good food you could get to eat from your local gas station would be a candy bar, a bag of chips or maybe, if the stars were aligned in your favor, a premade sandwich.

No one ever thought of going to a filling station for fine dining.

But get the lead out—that's about the change.

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Customers dig into a chivito and a crawfish cake on their first trip to Fast Gourmet inside a Lowest Price gas station in Washington, D.C.
Michael Temchine | Washington Post | Getty Images

The hottest thing in food now is happening at gas stations across the country.

Yep, right there beyond the regular, supreme and diesel, gas stations are fast becoming the new gastronomic destinations for foodies.

While the aroma may be more petrol than pinot, that's not stopping the culinary curious from walking past the 10W-40 to fill up with some of the best food in the city as Jane Wells found out in this edition of "Chew and Brew."

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—By CNBC's Gloria McDonough-Taub.