First Liberty Power Achieves First Mined in America Milestone

First Liberty Power Corp.

Lovelock, NV, Oct. 15, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- First Liberty Power Corp. (OTCQB: FLPC), an innovative and diversified mine exploration and development company focused on "Mined in America" strategic industrial minerals, announced the detonation of the first blast at the Fencemaker antimony mine since the early 1980's. The company has now commenced extracting stibnite ore (antimony) for first stage production and sales.

FLPC CEO, Don Nicholson made the announcement following the initial blast, which was witnessed by the company's management team as well as project partners from Stockplie Reserves, LLC (SRL) and Small Mine Development (SMD). "Today at the Fencemaker mine we witnessed the successful culmination of years of efforts and planning by SRL, FLPC, and SMD," Nicholson said. "This advancement into stibnite ore (antimony) mining is certainly reason to celebrate and I want to thank our entire team, our strategic partners and our investors for helping us achieve this important milestone in our company's history. It is also motivation for our team to focus on expanding our "Mined in America" mission of developing and producing valued sources of strategic industrial minerals."

According to James Vogan, Operations Director for Stockpile Reserves, LLC, the mine will operate on a routine blast schedule. "Our plans currently call for four to five days of operations per week," Vogan said. Once the ore is mined and sorted, it will be packaged into specially constructed super sacks able to hold one (1) metric ton of ore concentrate. The super sacks will then be loaded for transport."

As previously announced FLPC has secured a buyer and executed an initial purchase agreement for the antimony ore. The company is also developing a milling site property in Lovelock, Nevada, near the Fencemaker mine. The planned milling operation will allow for higher-speed as well as enhanced recovery, which will result in an ore concentrate of 50% and greater. Additional details on the milling operation capacity and contemplated timing will be announced in short order.

Antimony is a lustrous gray strategic industrial mineral found in nature primarily as the sulfide mineral stibnite. Antimony compounds have been known since ancient times and were once used for cosmetics. Today, the largest applications for metallic antimony are as alloying material for lead and tin and for lead antimony plates in lead-acid batteries. Alloying lead and tin with antimony improves the properties of the alloys which are used in solders, bullets and plain bearings.

Antimony compounds are prominent additives for chlorine- and bromine-containing fire retardants found in many commercial and domestic products. An emerging application is the use of antimony in microelectronics.

FLPC will continue to use Pathways of Progress announcements to update advancements in their mining and financial operations.

ABOUT FIRST LIBERTY POWER CORPORATION (OTCQB: FLPC):First Liberty Power Corporation is an innovative and diversified mine exploration and development company focused on bringing to market "Mined in America" strategic industrial minerals. The FLPC corporate philosophy is driven by a dedication to Pathways of Progress (POP). It is a program of best corporate practices designed to rapidly drive the company towards mine production/milling, benefitting FLPC shareholders, investors and mining partners and ensuring safety, environmental integrity, and good governance. Presently, FLPC has interests in four properties: the Fencemaker antimony project in Nevada, the Lida Valley and Smoky Valley lithium brine projects in Nevada, and the San Juan vanadium/uranium project in Utah.

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