Solaris Power Cells Intellectual Property Patent Application

PALM SPRINGS, Calif., Oct. 15, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Solaris Power Cells, Inc. (OTC:SPCL), the creators of the Solaris SMART-Cell "Passive Electron Storage Array," an energy storage solution that replaces and supersedes old fashioned toxic lead acid batteries, announces that Solaris Power Cells has filed as part of its intellectual property process a provisional Patent Application with the United States Patent & trademark Office (USTPO) and has received Patent application serial Number 61,885,027 as described under section 37 CFR 1.53(c).

As part of the Solaris Power Cells intellectual property strategy, Solaris Power Cells will be filing additional patent applications as its Research & Development continues.

Solaris Power Cells www.solarispowercells.com Solaris Power Cells, Inc. (OTC:SPCL) is a development stage company and the creators of Solaris SMART-CELL a revolutionary Passive Electron Storage Array. A Solar Energy Storage solution that replaces costly Toxic, Lead Acid or Lithium Ion Batteries and stores Electricity Instantly. No More 6-8 hour recharging delays. Additionally the Solaris SMART-CELL Storage Cell never requires any maintenance and routine replacement like traditional batteries. MTBF rated at over 1 million Charge/Discharge Cycles the Solaris SMART-CELL comes standard with a 15 Year Replacement Limited Warranty.

Forward-Looking Statements

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