Strategic Rare Earth Metals Announces Letter of Intent

HENDERSON, Nev., Oct. 15, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Strategic Rare Earth Metals, Inc. (OTC Markets:SREH) announced today that the company recently entered into a Letter of Intent with Parker Technologies, Inc.

Under terms of the Letter of Intent, Strategic Rare Earth Metals, Inc. will acquire a ten percent (10%) equity position in Parker Technologies, Inc. Parker's patent pending Heavy Oil Gas Extraction Technology ("HOGE") is a technology that is relatively inexpensive and with no foreseeable environmental impact. HOGE is designed to extract heavy oil from formations such as tar/oil sands with a calculated recovery of 90% or more.

Bill Schaefer, President of Strategic Rare Earth Metals, Inc., stated, "I am very excited about today's announcement and the underlying value that such an investment will mean to SREH shareholders. Worldwide, the Heavy Oil industry is a $155 billion a year business and is expected to continue to grow as oil demand increases."

The process developed by Parker mechanically injects hot natural gas delivered deep into the formation by a proprietary tool that liquefies the heavy tar oil and then extracts it to heated storage tanks on the surface. HOGE has the capability of producing over 200 bbls per day, however Parker's projections are based on a conservative 50 bbls a day.

Using conservative assumptions, Parker projects that for each individual well with 1 lateral producing a minimum of 50 bbls per day and oil at an estimated price of $90.00 per barrel that each well should annually produce an estimated $1.1 million net profit before taxes on revenues of $2.03 million.

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