SurferNETWORK Celebrates 15 Years in Business


Flanders, NJ, Oct. 15, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SurferNETWORK, a leading provider of streaming services to Radio Stations, is proud to announce that 15 years ago today, on October 15th, 1998, SurferNETWORK was created.

"15 Years ago, the notion of a 'Just Like Radio' experience on the Internet was unheard of," says co-founder Harry Emerson. "At that time we decided buffering a radio stream was unacceptable. So we invented LightningSTREAM™, an Instant On technology that did away with the dreaded buffering. All this time 15 years later, our vision remains focused on revolutionizing the online radio experience."

SurferNETWORK is moving ahead with a plan to develop and patent new and innovative technologies for the Internet Broadcasting Industry, and once again recreate the digital landscape for radio. Building upon the now industry standard breakthroughs pioneered by SurferNETWORK, like Instant On and Ad Replacement, the company continues to define a cutting edge experience.

"Our vision to create that 'Just Like Radio' experience for radio stations broadcasting on the Internet was a lofty goal, since buffering and waiting was the rule 15 years ago. Most of America still connected to the Internet using dial up services, if they connected at all! We've certainly come a long way since then, and we are definitely not finished." - Bill Grywalski, President and Co-Founder.

ABOUT SURFERNETWORK: SurferNETWORK, which was founded is 1998, is a leading provider of Internet broadcasting and streaming media services to a broad spectrum of customers in radio broadcasting, education, sporting, and general commercial industries. They provide Internet broadcasters large and small with a full range of features and services for audio and video, live and on-demand.

CONTACT: For more information visit, or call us at 973-691-7420.

Source:SurferNETWORK, LLC