Secret Lives of the Super Rich
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5 people with the coolest jobs ever

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No. 5—the personal Ferrari shopper

Name: Marcel Massini

Job Description: traveling the world to inspect and buy multimillion dollar classic Ferraris for clients

Where he works: just outside of Zurich, Switzerland

Massini's typical work day has him lifting the hoods and kicking (very gently) the wheels of the most expensive Ferraris ever built. And if he likes what he sees, he can pull the trigger shell out multimillions on a super rare super car.

What can be bad about Ferrari shopping? Massini said, "If you are too tight with the money, it's no real fun."

The super rich give Massini millions of dollars, euros or pounds to do their shopping because he's one of the top Ferrari experts around and because he can spot a real bargain. Massini told us bringing home a classic Ferrari for just over $1 million is, "almost a steal."