Anne Arundel County Public Schools Deploys BMC Remedy Software to Save Costs and Boost Productivity

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HOUSTON, Oct. 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anne Arundel County Public Schools has realized significant operational and organizational benefits from deploying the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite solution, slashing costs and increasing user productivity and satisfaction through better help desk operations.

Before the recent BMC Remedy upgrade, the public school system's challenges were profound. Help desk tickets frequently were assigned to the wrong IT analysts or "lost in the shuffle," creating costly delays in resolving problems. These issues were draining already meager school system funds, forcing both help desk staff and some teachers to work extra hours to manually log and handle issues.

Key Facts to Know

  • Today, Anne Arundel County Public Schools delivers a simple five-question, web-based BMC Remedy solution. The result? Significant improvements in workflow efficiency, improved user satisfaction, and curtailed operational expenses.
  • With the help desk ticket submissions handled via the Web, the school system benefits from improved communication between the help desk staff, teachers, and IT. Less time spent on issue resolution means little to no extra man-hours.
  • Anne Arundel County Public Schools is one of the largest public school systems in Maryland.

Supporting Perspectives

Kim Olds, senior user support specialist, Anne Arundel County Public Schools

"[BMC Remedy] has saved us...time and money because the help desk didn't have to manually go through each ticket. We didn't have to work the extra hours this year."

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