USHCC President & CEO Javier Palomarez Joins Secretary Panetta to Urge Congress to Prevent Government Default

WASHINGTON, Oct. 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) joined Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, former OMB Director Jim Nussle and numerous heads of national organizations as they called on Congress to put an end to the current stalemate in Washington, and raise the debt ceiling. The press conference, organized by Fix the Debt, was held at the National Press Club.

Participants provided diverse perspectives on how the current climate of uncertainty and brinkmanship was affecting their constituencies and America's economy. Palomarez, Panetta and Nussle were joined by Maya MacGuineas, President of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget; Ian Kremer, Executive Director of Leaders Engaged on Alzheimer's Disease; Todd McCracken, President of the National Small Business Association; Hunter Rawlings, President of the Association of American Universities; and Mary Woolley, President & CEO of Research!America.

"While we commend today's short-term victory achieved in the Senate, we must put an end to Washington's current environment of obstructive, partisan politics that threaten to reverse the economic progress our nation is slowly making," said Palomarez. "The USHCC calls on Congress and the Administration to work together to pass long-term legislation that will sensibly reduce our debt, and set us on a continuing course to improve the health of our economy."

The press conference, attended by members of the national and international media, addressed the deal reached by the Senate on temporarily extending the debt ceiling and ending the current government shut down. It also underscored the need for lawmakers to find common ground and create long-term legislation that will address the nation's current debt crisis.

"Today's Senate compromise is a step in the right direction for leaders in Washington, but one that came too late. When Congress resorts to crisis-control governance, our nation's economy and global image suffer. As we move forward in the coming weeks and debate measures for debt reduction, it is our hope that good policy will outweigh good politics," said USHCC Chairman Marc Rodriguez.

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