"Dahe Art Space 2013 Painting and Calligraphy Work Exhibition of Ten Masters of Nanjing" Draws Public Attention

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NANJING, China, Oct. 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the magnate of the advertising industry of China, Dahe Group marketed the Chinese contemporary calligraphers and painters toward the NASDAQ tower in the New York Times Square, which is the top advertising screen all across the world.

"Dahe Art Space · 2013 Painting and Calligraphy Work Exhibition of Ten Masters of Nanjing" will be held during October 26th to 28th in the C Hall of Nanjing International Exhibition Center, on which, the works of the 10 contemporary calligraphers and painters of Nanjing including Xiao He, Zhao Zhiping, Nie Weigu, Chen Shiguang, Huang Tinghai, Yue Hongwu, Liu Hongyou, Song Yuming, Xu Jing and Chen Zhong, etc will be exhibited.

As once the capital of ten dynasties in the history of China, Nanjing (Jinling) has been favored by not only the men of literature and writing, but also emperors and leaders by virtue of its beautiful landscape and city environment. The noble atmosphere and graceful charm of the city have also been conducted toward the Chinese painting and calligraphy artists who have been grown in, traveled through or worked in Nanjing. There are also lots of well-known painting and calligraphy artists among them, which could be regarded as the glistening stars with innumerable great achievements. The history of painting and calligraphy of Nanjing could be counted as the larger half of Chinese art history. The art of painting and calligraphy is the symbol of the cultural level and depth of a specific region or a city in China; the art of Chinese painting and calligraphy is also the unique media for people all over the world to perceive the charm of Chinese culture as for the world.

The more than 200 excellent artistic works that will be exhibited during this exhibition, which include traditional realistic bird-and-flower paintings, Chinese ink and color paintings, figure paintings and ink landscape paintings, etc, are elaborately selected by the ten calligraphers and painters. All of them without exception have demonstrated the artists' inheritance, innovation and exploration in the special school of art --- painting and calligraphy. Some of the artists have obtained the gold award of international competitions, some of their works have been collected by well-known agencies and some of the works of the artists have been hung as decorations in the living rooms of the leadership of Zhongnanhai. Some of the calligraphers once inscribed the title of certain blockbusters or held calligraphy and painting performance. This all reflected the great invention and market potentiality of the ten calligraphers and painters of Nanjing without exception.

Under the encouragement of the policies toward the cultural industry of Chinese government, combined with numerous advantages of Dahe Group in the advertising industry and the field of modern media, "Dahe Art Space" will draw experience from the commercial operation of global art markets and seize the vital opportunity of Nanjing in internationally significant events and urban cultural marketing. "Dahe Art Space" will not only integrate the exhibition, promotion and auction of the works of famous Chinese painting and calligraphy artists with the creation of derivatives of art, but also attract, elect and sponsor the young artists who are provided with great creative potential of art all over the world, so as to generate the virtuous circle of mobilizing art education and international cultural and educational exchanges through the promotion and transaction of Chinese painting and calligraphy works of art, and improve the innovation and integration of the cultural industry and financial services of Nanjing through the optimal transmission and active transaction of Chinese works of art in a global context.

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