Los Angeles Dental Implants Dentist, Bijan Afar DDS, Provides Bone Graft Procedures


Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Los Angeles dental implant dentist, Dr. Bijan Afar, offers bone graft procedures that can rebuild lost or damaged bone tissue and restore beautifully healthy smiles. When a tooth is lost, the surrounding bone tissue begins to resorb due to the lack of stimulation. As the bone deteriorates, more teeth can be lost, which triggers even more bone loss. Dental implants can help stimulate bone tissue and preserve critical bone density. In some cases, however, the bone must be built back up to healthy levels before the implant procedure can be performed.

Dr. Bijan Afar, bone grafts expert, most often recommends a bone graft procedure for patients who are candidates for dental implants but who have insufficient bone tissue for placement. Bone grafts are usually performed using either donor tissue or synthetic grafting material. They can be used to change the size and shape of the dental ridge in a procedure that takes place before the implant procedure, or they can be used for smaller changes at the time of the dental implant procedure.

Bone grafting has been determined to be safe and effective for use with dental implants. The patient's own bone tissue is the preferred material, but other types of donor tissue and grafting materials can also be used safely and effectively. The healing process may take several months as the natural bone tissue begins to grow after the stimulation of the grafting process. Once the bone has been strengthened, the implant can be placed. When the bone graft takes place at the time of the implant procedure, it will heal along with the implant to create a strong, durable restoration.

Dr. Afar provides various other services, including periodontal treatments, gum grafts, scaling and root planing, crown lengthening, soft tissue grafts and much more.

About Dr. Bijan Afar

Visit http://www.oralimplants.com to learn more about Dr. Afar. Dr. Bijan Afar, Los Angeles dentist, is a graduate of UCLA's School of Dentistry from which he received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery. He was among the top 5 percent of all graduating students in the United States and was awarded the Dentist-Scientist Fellowship from the National Institutes of Health. He was also awarded with an Oral Biology Graduate Fellowship, the California State Fellowship and the Hortense Fishbaugh Fellowship. Dr. Afar continued his post-graduate studies in the fields of periodontology and dental implants and received his specialty degree from the University of Washington in Seattle.

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Source:Westside Center for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry