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Why are Germans seen as rude? The country explains

Jacobs Stock Photography | Photodisc | Getty Images

According to the stereotypes, Germans are first to grab the sunbeds, incapable of cracking a smile and rarely say "thank you".

In an attempt to dispel these myths, Germany has launched a series of videos explaining where the misconceptions arise from and how to do business in the country.

Germany is the euro zone's largest economy and the world's second biggest exporter, making it an attractive and important country with which to do business.

The Goethe Institute, Germany's cultural promotion body, made the video entitled "Typical German", which claims that "a German's tendency to stick to the point of a conversation" is rooted in history.

"Germany used to be divided up into lots of little separate states so each one was constantly surrounded by enemies. They could never take their safety and stability for granted so they kept themselves to themselves," the video said.

"This is why they value stability and structure so much more now. And that is why Germans never leave things to chance."

The Germans' desire to get to the point straight away, "can lead to misunderstandings", the video admits.

But the Goethe Institute video says there is a certain way to do business successfully in Germany.

"If you are well-prepared and clearly set out your business agenda at the first meeting, Germans will take what you have to say very seriously indeed."

—By CNBC's Arjun Kharpal: Follow him on Twitter @ArjunKharpal