Huntington Beach Veterinarian Launches New Website With Online Appointment Requests

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Oct. 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Huntington Beach veterinarian, Dr. John Kuttel, has announced that Huntington Harbor Veterinary Clinic in Huntington Beach, California has revamped its website. The goal is to give clients information that will make their overall experience at the clinic much easier.

New patients will be able to download forms, fill them out and fax them back to the office prior to their appointment. They will also be able to see what their payment options are before they come to the doctor's office. By taking care of paperwork in advance, there will be less hassle at the clinic.

The most unique feature, however, is one that will allow patients/clients to request an appointment. Dr. Kuttel explained this benefit by saying, "By adding this to our website, our office staff will have more time for face-to-face contact with patients in our Huntington Beach veterinary clinic." He added that, "Obviously, our staff will follow-up the online appointment request with a confirmation call, but our hope is that these additions to the website will benefit our patients, and allow us to focus on taking care of their pets."

By providing new patients with an explanation of payment options before they arrive at the clinic, the Huntington Beach veterinarian hopes to avoid confusion.

Many veterinary clinics, like medical clinics that people go to, specialize in treating certain animals, or certain conditions. This particular Huntington Beach veterinarian treats all pets, including birds, rabbits, and tiny pocket pets, with equal ease. All animals are welcome at the clinic for urgent treatment or regular preventive care.

Another aspect of Huntington Harbor Veterinary Clinic is that the team of veterinarians and their assistants has voiced its commitment to providing their animal patients with top of the line care, including pet owner education on the importance of animal exercise, and good nutrition. A total approach to animal wellness wouldn't be complete without a willingness to provide animals with dental services because dental problems can lead to other health issues.

Every member of the clinic's treatment team, including the licensed veterinarian, is knowledgeable about advanced techniques and procedures in veterinary medicine. This team provides community pet owners with thorough and comprehensive medical treatment, using the newest, state-of-the art technology, regardless the reason for which the client brings the patient into the clinic.

The location of Huntington Harbor Veterinary Clinic is 16893 Algonquin Street in Huntington Beach, California 92649. The new website should answer any questions current or new patients might have. The website is:

CONTACT: Huntington Harbour Veterinary Clinic 888-667-5235Source:Huntington Harbour Veterinary Clinic