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$ave Me: Scaring up Halloween savings

Save Me:  Halloween savings
Save Me: Halloween savings

The scariest thing arriving at your door this Halloween might be your credit card statement.

Spending on Halloween is down, but still in the triple digits. The average family will spend $108 on Halloween this year, down from $125 in 2012, according to American Express.

Broken down, that includes $24 on candy (unchanged from 2012), $52 for a costume (down 1.9 percent), $33 on decorations (down 5.7 percent) and $17 for a pumpkin (up 6.3 percent). If you plan to attend or host a party, add $60 to the tab. Visiting a haunted house? Another $48.

To keep costs down, pay particular attention to what's included with that costume. Companies are including less in the package, prompting consumers to spend more to get the pictured look. Adding in extras like a wig, shoe covers or a sword could easily double the bill.

By CNBC's Kelli B. Grant. Follow her on Twitter @kelligrant