CHICAGO, Oct. 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Flat Top Grill is adding a twist to "Sweetest Day" this year, with a special dinner for two offer that is good beginning today through Wednesday Oct. 23rd.

Flat Top Grill is featuring a "Sweetest Day" offer for $29.99 that includes two one-trip Stir Fry bowls, an appetizer to share and two soft drinks.

"Officially, Sweetest Day is Saturday, October 19th…but we thought it would be great for people to celebrate being together when they want…so we're making it a Sweetest Week, you might say. Our menu features an ever-changing selection of more than 20 fresh vegetables, meats and eight uniquely-flavored sauces that provide an Asian-inspired culinary experience you'll enjoy," said Jillian Beard, marketing director, Flat Top Grill Restaurants.

In addition to creating a unique and flavorful Stir Fry bowl as an entrée, the offer includes a selection of four delicious appetizers to choose from including Kung Pao Quesadillas, Spicy Green Beans, Edamame or Chicken Potstickers.

The offer is good from Oct. 17-23 at its 12 locations in Illinois and Wisconsin and Oct. 17-20 at its location in Fort Wayne, Ind. For additional details regarding the offer, visit their website at www.flattopgrill.com.

Best known as a friendly, neighborhood create-your-own stir fry restaurant, Flat Top Grill is celebrating its 18th anniversary and features a host of fresh vegetables and homemade sauces as part of its delicious Asian-inspired entrees and appetizers.

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Source:Flat Top Grill