InterDigital Intelligent Wi-Fi Offload Solution Highlighted to Top Operators at Broadband World Forum

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WILMINGTON, Del., Oct. 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InterDigital, Inc. (Nasdaq:IDCC), a wireless research and development company, today announced that it will demonstrate its Smart Access Manager (SAM) solution for iOS devices while at Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam this week. The SAM solution for Android devices is currently in operator trials and has been successfully interoperated with tier 1 network vendor policy servers and device management platforms.

Broadband World Forum, taking place October 22-24, provides attendees with the world's most comprehensive agenda on broadband strategy, technology and innovation and attracts the top wireless operators from across the globe. With 8,000 decision makers in attendance and more than 350 visionary speakers, the event brings broadband to life and features keynote speakers from companies such as Ericsson, Google, Mozilla and Sprint.

With SAM, InterDigital has developed the industry's first policy-driven, standards-based, holistic carrier solution to address challenges Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) face with network bandwidth, congestion, and coverage. Developed to work in accordance with ANDSF and Hotspot 2.0 standards, this solution makes intelligent network selection and application traffic management decisions among Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE networks, improving Quality of Experience (QoE) for users. SAM provides real-time policy control for steering the network access of individual subscribers between cellular and Wi-Fi networks. This not only produces substantial infrastructure savings for MNOs, but also opens the door to new potential revenue streams. In addition, its availability on mobile platforms provides mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) with seamless network access between cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

With the support for iOS devices being demonstrated at Broadband World Forum, the SAM solution now covers both the dominant mobile platforms. The Beta release for SAM iOS will be broadly available in the near future, and a commercial solution for Android is available now.

"Wi-Fi offload and integration is one of today's key areas for network operators and MVNOs, and using a standards-based solution is essential for future-proofing and ensuring interoperability and scale going forward. As a fully standards-based solution, SAM is geared toward top operators seeking an intelligent solution to fully integrate Wi-Fi. InterDigital's solution improves coverage, capacity and provider visibility for seamless network access between cellular and Wi-Fi networks," said Allen A. Proithis, EVP, Solutions Group at InterDigital.

InterDigital will demonstrate this solution with both iOS and Android devices at InterDigital's Booth, D52.

For more information on SAM visit InterDigital's website and download the white paper, "Cellular Wi-Fi Integration" here:

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