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Cramer: ‘This’ is a brilliant business decision!

Starbucks CEO: Teavana will leapfrog internationally first

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One of Cramer's favorite growth companies is doing something brilliant.

The Mad Money host has been a long time fan of Starbucks largely due to his enthusiasm for its CEO Howard Schultz.

And of the many growth initiatives introduced by Schultz, Cramer couldn't be more excited about the acquisition of Teavana, a proprietor of teas which Cramer believes Starbucks can leverage in a unique and highly profitable way.

CEO Howard Schultz seems to agree. "It's a $90 billion global category – twice the size of coffee," he told Cramer in an interview.

The attempt to capture new markets has already begun. On Thursday of this week, Schultz opened a brand new Teavana store on the tony Upper East side of Manhattan.

After visiting the new location and experiencing the teas first hand, Cramer said the synergies between Starbucks and Teavana appear to be almost endless.

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If you're among the skeptics who question whether the public will buy premium tea for $4.95 a cup, Schultz added, "this is not your mother's Lipton tea in the same way that Starbucks doesn't serve your mother's Nescafe. These are fine exotic teas."

And unlike Starbucks which relies mostly on high volume traffic, Schultz also said Teavana will be more merchandise oriented. "The average sale at a Teavana will be higher – we don't need the same number of transactions as Starbucks."

It's a growth strategy that Cramer likes.

Don't forget that "A lot of people drink tea because it's good for them," Cramer said, a reference to the antioxidant quality that many teas possess. "And among different cultures, sometimes tea is more popular than even coffee."

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"This is brilliant," Cramer added. "With Teavana, Starbucks is rolling out an entirely fresh concept that could give this terrific company still one more long-lasting growth driver."

If you're an investor, even though shares are hot already, up 49% ytd, the Mad Money host suggests sipping on the stock at current levels. "I think this move is far from over."

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