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Do you trust the ECB to get the stress tests right?

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The European Central Bank (ECB) unveiled some of the criteria for a review of the health of euro zone banks on Wednesday.

The Asset Quality Review (AQR), a key step in the process will start in November and run for 12 months and will review the banks' balance sheets.

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Wednesday's announcement marked for the first time just how stringent this review will be.

There are increasing concerns about what skeletons might emerge. There seems to be universal agreement that these tests are both very important and potentially damaging to a lot of banks. They will also be one of the most important steps in the movement towards Europe-wide banking union.

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The chairman of Spanish bank Banco Santander, Emilio Botin, came out recently and declared that he is not concerned about the upcoming round of stress tests, arguing that Spain will "come out on top."

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So given the recent optimism, do you believe the stress test will go according to plan? Do you trust Europe's central bank to get the stress tests right?