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Dublin, Oct. 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 2012 Global Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Report: Advanced Traffic Management Systems & Electronic Toll Collection

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) - Global Strategic Business Report" report to their offering.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in US$ Million by the following Product Segments: Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS), Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Systems, and Others. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, China, South Korea, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2009 through 2018.

The report profiles 102 companies including:

Developers of Key Enabling Technologies

  • ARINC Incorporated
  • Image Sensing Systems Inc.
  • INIT Innovation In Transportation Systems AG
  • LeddarTech Inc.
  • MiTAC International Corp.
  • NAVTEQ Maps
  • Siemens Traffic Solutions
  • Sirit Inc.
  • TransCore Inc.

System Integrators

  • Citilog SA
  • C-S Communication & Systems SA
  • ItraMAS Corporation Sdn Bhd
  • Q-Free ASA
  • Swarco AG
  • SpeedInfo Inc.
  • Tacel Ltd.
  • Traficon N.V.
  • Transdyn Inc
  • XRS Corporation
  • Xerox Corporation.

Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research.

Key Topics Covered:

I. Introduction, Methodology & Product Definitions

  • Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1
  • Disclaimers I-2
  • Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2
  • Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-2
  • Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3
  • Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) I-3
  • Electronic Toll Collection Systems I-4
  • Public Vehicle Transportation Management Systems (PVTMS) I-4
  • Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO) Systems I-4
  • Advanced Vehicle Information Systems I-4

II. Executive Summary


  • Traffic Congestion - Overriding Concern of Many a Nation II-1
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems - Solution for Today's Traffic Congestion II-1
  • Market Scenario II-2
  • A Disparate Industry II-3
  • Rationale Behind Installation of ITS II-3
  • Value-Added ITS Capabilities II-4
  • Safety & Security II-4
  • Key Result Areas of ITS in Ensuring Safety II-5
  • Efficiency & Economy II-5
  • Key Focus Areas II-5
  • Key Enablers for Improved Efficiency II-6
  • 'ITS' as a Means for Ensuring Better Environment Quality II-6
  • The Secret of Success of ITS Projects Lies in "Concept Selling" II-6
  • Innovation & Market Differentiation - Key Determinants for Success of ITS Projects II-6
  • ITS - Truly a "Global" Market II-7
  • Favorable Factors II-7
  • Internet, X-Ray and DSRC: The Powerful Trio Enabling ITS II-7
  • The Need for Traffic Enforcement Systems: A Business Case II-8
  • Market Drivers II-8
  • Market Restraints II-9
  • Market Prospects for ITS in the United States & Europe Amidst the Economic Hardships II-9


  • Developed Markets - Traditional Revenue Contributors II-11
  • Developing Markets to Turbo Charge Future Growth in this Market II-11
  • CIVETS: The Future Growth Engine II-11
  • Convergence of ITS With Mobile Communications: A Major Trend II-12
  • Positive Outlook for ETC Systems Market II-13
  • Growing Popularity of Road User Charging Brightens Market Prospects for ETC II-13
  • Mounting Environmental Concerns Create New Avenues for ETC Use II-14
  • Innovation & Market Differentiation - Key Determinants for Success of ETC Projects II-14
  • Lower Operational Costs of ETC Systems Enable Increased Acceptance II-14
  • Smart Cards in Demand for ETC Systems II-15
  • Private Sector Purchases Set to Increase II-15
  • Integration of ITS with Cellular Technology II-15
  • ASTM's Endeavor for ITS Architecture Standardization II-15
  • Satellite-Based Truck-Tracking System II-16
  • Key Issues to Reckon with II-16
  • Interoperation of ITS II-16
  • Differences Between US & EU II-16
  • Government Policy Vis-à-vis ITS Projects II-17
  • Environmental and Safety Issues II-17
  • Privacy Issues II-18


  • Introduction II-19
  • ITS Integration II-19
  • ITS Integration Program Objectives II-20
  • ITS System Architecture II-20
  • Enabling Technologies II-20
  • Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) II-20
  • Electronic Tags II-21
  • RDS-TMC II-21
  • Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) II-21
  • Different Phases of ITS Application II-21
  • Planning Phase II-21
  • Parking Phase II-21
  • Boarding Phase II-21
  • Transport Phase II-22
  • Connection Phase II-22
  • Segment Overview II-23
  • Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) II-23
  • Components of Advanced Traffic Management Systems II-23
  • Detection Systems II-23
  • Loop-Emulation/In-ground Detectors - The Precursor II-24
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras - A Step Forward II-24
  • Urban Traffic Control Systems II-25
  • SCOOT II-25
  • SCATS II-25
  • SCOOT and SCATS - A Comparison II-26
  • Electronic Toll Collection Systems II-26
  • Components of ETC II-26
  • Other Key Product Segments II-27
  • Public Vehicle Transportation Management Systems (PVTMS) II-27
  • Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO) Systems II-27
  • Advanced Vehicle Information Systems II-28


  • Electronic Toll Collection II-29
  • Commercial Vehicle Operations II-29
  • Incident Management II-29
  • Commercial Vehicle Electronic Clearance II-29
  • Automated Roadside Safety Inspection II-29
  • On-Board Safety Monitoring II-30
  • Commercial Vehicle Administrative Processes II-30
  • Hazardous Material Incident Response II-30
  • Commercial Fleet Management II-30
  • Traffic Management II-30
  • En-Route Driver (Advisory) Information II-30
  • Traffic Control II-31
  • Incident Management II-31
  • Travel Demand Management II-31
  • Emissions Testing & Mitigation II-31
  • Emergency Vehicle Management II-31
  • Emergency Notification and Personal Security II-32
  • Vehicle Safety Systems II-32
  • Longitudinal Collision Avoidance II-32
  • Lateral Collision Avoidance II-32
  • Intersection Crash Warning & Control II-32
  • Vision Enhancement for Crash Avoidance II-32
  • Safety Readiness II-32
  • Pre-Crash Restraint Deployment II-33
  • Automated Vehicle Operations II-33
  • Fleet Management II-33
  • Others (Control & Warning Devices) II-33


  • Traveler Data, Advisory Systems, and Wireless Vehicle Products & Services II-34
  • In-Vehicle Products II-34
  • In Vehicle Intelligent Transportation Systems in the Past II-34
  • The Present Scenario II-35
  • Passenger Vehicle Applications II-35
  • Commercial Vehicle Applications II-36
  • Adopting Alliance as a Growth Strategy II-36
  • Qualcomm II-37
  • Etak II-37
  • General Motors II-38
  • Microsoft II-38
  • IBM/Sun Microsystems II-38
  • Other Alliances II-39
  • Outlook II-39


  • Iteris Launches 511 Traveler Information System for Commonwealth of Virginia II-40
  • NAVTEQ Introduces NAVTEQ Traffic Pro® Traffic Service in India II-40
  • TransCore Introduces iPad® Mobile App for TransSuite® Traffic Management System II-40
  • Econolite and Image Sensing Systems Launch Autoscope® ENCORETM II-41
  • Econolite and Image Sensing Systems Introduce Autoscope® DuoTM Hybrid Sensor Technology II-41
  • TransLink Unveils RTTI System Version 1.0 II-41


  • Arecont Vision Launches Compact Cameras II-43
  • TomTom Unveils Open Source Location and Mapping Technology II-43
  • Peek Traffic Unveils IQ Central Latest Version II-43
  • Citilog Debuts AID Software Version 6 II-44
  • INRIX Debuts Geo-Coded Traffic Camera Collection II-44
  • NAVTEQ Launches Dynamic Content for HD Radio™ Systems II-45
  • Magellan Introduces Onetouch™ User Interface in Magellan® Roadmate® Line II-45
  • Carmanah Technologies Unveils Flashing Beacon II-46
  • XATA Releases XATANET 4.3 II-46
  • TransCore Unveils In-Lane Replenishment System II-47


  • Porterville Transit Selects RouteMatch Software as ITS Technology Provider II-48
  • McCain Upgrades QuicNet Pro 2.0 Central Software for City of Pomona II-48
  • Lee County Employs Travel Time Module of Econolite for BlueTOAD II-48
  • Kapsch TrafficCom IVHS Secures LBJ Express and North Tarrant Express Projects II-49
  • Swinburne University of Technology and VicRoads Launch Swinburne Intelligent Transport Systems Laboratory II-49
  • Clever Devices Takes Over Digital Recorders II-49
  • China ITS Acquires Majority Stake in Beijing STONE Intelligent Transportation System Integration (China) II-49
  • Trafficware Merges with Naztec II-49
  • Stantec Architecture to Acquire PHB Group and ABMB Engineers II-50
  • Clever Devices Acquires GreyHawk Technologies II-50
  • Trapeze Group Signs Contract with City of Edmonton II-51
  • Nebraska Department of Roads Selects RouteMatch SoftwareTM for Intelligent Transportation Systems Contract II-51
  • Trapeze Group and Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission of Virginia Sign Contract II-52
  • Signal Service Forms Partnership with McCain II-52
  • Iteris Obtains Contract from Oxnard, California II-52
  • Iteris Receives Contract from Abu Dhabi Department of Transport II-52
  • EFKON India Secures Contracts for Intelligent Transportation Systems II-53
  • Iteris and INRIX Collaborate to Integrate IterisPeMS system with INRIX traffic information II-54
  • Veolia Transdev to Collaborate with International Business Machines II-54
  • Royal Haskoning Receives Contract from ArRiyadh Development Authority II-55
  • Iteris Obtains Traffic Signal Synchronization Services Contract from Anaheim II-55
  • Telvent GIT Receives Contract from Transcity JV for Legacy Way II-55
  • CyRide and INIT Enter Into Partnership to Implement Intelligent Transportation Systems II-56
  • INIT Innovations in Transportation Enters into Partnership with Simtech II-56
  • ANERPV and SSP Select NAVTEQ® Maps for Real-Time Vehicle Tracking Solution II-56
  • Fármacos Especializados and NAVTEQ Sign Agreement II-57
  • Praxair Selects NAVTEQ and Planifi-K Logistics Solutions to Provide Fleet Transportation Solutions II-57
  • Traficon Takes Over SUMIT II-58
  • Traficon Secures Contract to Provide Video Image Processors for Tunnels II-58
  • Kapsch TrafficCom Unveils Incident Detection System 2.0 with A1Vis and ACC for Enhanced Tunnel Safety II-58
  • Kapsch TrafficCom IVHS Establishes North American Corporate Head Office II-59
  • Xerox Secures Contract from Calgary Transit to Install Intelligent Transportation System Affiliated Computer Services Secures Contract from SEPTA II-59
  • Affiliated Computer Services Secures Contract from SEPTA II-59
  • Citilog Secures Contract for Installing Automatic Incident Detection in Tunnels II-60
  • INIT Secures Contract to Install Fleet Management System from GO Transit II-60
  • INIT Innovations in Transportation Wins Contract to Install Electronic Fare Collection Solution II-61
  • Abu Dhabis Department of Transportation Selects INIT for Intelligent Transportation System II-61
  • INIT Bags Contract from Gold Coast Transit to Provide Scheduling Solution II-62
  • INIT and Utah Transit Authority Sign Contract for Intelligent Transportation Solution II-62
  • Aponia Software Selects NAVTEQ to Provide Map Data and Content II-63
  • NAVTEQ Offers NAVTEQ Transport Solution to Support Chilean, Argentinean and Brazilian Trucking Industry II-63
  • NYSDOT and NYSERDA Funds Deployment of Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System in City of White Plains II-64
  • TransCore Secures Contract to Deploy TransSuite® Traffic Management Software from Missouri Department of Transportation II-64
  • AIM Logistics Chooses Keypoint Transportation Software of TransCore II-65
  • Image Sensing Systems Signs Distribution Agreement with Econolite Canada II-65
  • Image Sensing Systems Expands Agreement with Econolite Control Products for North America II-65
  • CS Communication & Systèmes Completes ITS and Toll Project for Poland A1 Phase 2 Project II-66
  • CS Communication & Systèmes Completes ITS and Toll Project for Poland A1 Phase 2 Project II-66
  • RATP Selects CS Group to Deploy Multi-Modal Traveler Information System II-66
  • Kapsch TrafficCom Secures Order from ASCENDI to Install Fully Electronic Toll System II-67
  • Kapsch TrafficCom Installs Electronic Toll Collection System II-67
  • Affiliated Computer Services Installs Electronic Open Road Tolling System in Maryland II-67
  • Davis City Chooses Leddar™ d-tec from LeddarTech II-67
  • Macquarie and Carlyle to Take over Redflex II-68


  • Affiliated Computer Services Takes Over Spur Information Solutions II-69
  • Xerox Installs SmartBus System in Brampton II-69
  • LeddarTech and Texas Highway Products Ink Distribution Agreement II-70
  • China TransInfo Bags Intelligent Transportation System Contract II-70
  • Telvent to Install SmartMobilityTM Tunnel solution II-70
  • EGPI Firecreek Concludes in Escrow the Purchase of SouthWest Signal Corporation II-71
  • DX Radio, RF Technology Purchases IPMobileNet II-71
  • Sixnet Unveils New Branding Initiative II-71
  • Gannett Fleming Purchases VANUS II-72
  • Federal Signal Acquires Sirit II-72
  • Federal Signal Purchases VESystems II-72
  • ACS to Offer Intelligent Transportation System for MATA II-73
  • American Traffic Solutions Takes Over Nestor Traffic Systems II-73
  • Bosch Acquires Extreme CCTV II-73
  • China TransInfo Enters Into Chinese Transportation Systems Market II-74
  • Vaisala Acquires Quixote Transportation II-74
  • Iteris Receives Contract from City of Corona II-74
  • Trapeze Software Acquires Public Transit Solutions business of Continental Automotive II-75
  • IPICO and International Road Dynamics Announces Preliminary Success of EVI Relationship II-75
  • Transcore Partners with Sensys for Integrating Arterial Travel Time System in TransSuite II-75
  • IPICO to Form Joint Venture Company with CATS LUHAI II-76
  • TransCore Inks Contract with Gresham, Smith and Partners II-76
  • Trapeze Software to Offer Smart Transportation Systems Solution to CATA II-77
  • HKTD Chooses Imaging Sensing Systems's Autoscope Video Vehicle Detection Solution II-77
  • Florida Transportation Department Selects Citilog's VisioPad™ II-78
  • MiTAC Acquires Magellan Consumer Products Division II-78
  • Telvent to Purchase Assets of NLDC II-78
  • Siemens and M Tech Sign License Agreement II-79
  • NAVTEQ Acquires of T-Systems Traffic II-79
  • SkyToll to Deploy Siemens Solutions for NDS Tolling Project II-80
  • Developers of Key Enabling Technologies II-81
  • ADDCO LLC (US) II-81
  • ARINC Incorporated (US) II-81
  • Image Sensing Systems Inc. (US) II-81
  • INIT Innovation In Traffic Transportation Systems, AG (Germany) II-82
  • Kapsch TrafficCom AG (Austria) II-82
  • LeddarTech Inc (Canada) II-82
  • MiTAC International Corp (Taiwan) II-82
  • NAVTEQ Maps (US) II-83
  • Siemens Traffic Solutions (US) II-83
  • Sirit Inc. (Canada) II-83
  • TransCore Inc. (US) II-84
  • System Integrators II-84
  • Citilog SA (France) II-84
  • C-S Communication & Systems SA (France) II-85
  • ItraMAS Corporation Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) II-85
  • Q-Free ASA (Norway) II-85
  • Swarco AG (Germany) II-86
  • SpeedInfo, Inc. (US) II-86
  • Tacel Ltd. (Canada) II-86
  • Traficon N.V. (Belgium) II-86
  • Transdyn Inc. (US) II-87
  • XRS Corporation (US) II-87
  • Xerox Corporation (US) II-87


III. Market








IV. Competitive Landscape

Total Companies Profiled: 102 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 114)

  • The United States (55)
  • Canada (10)
  • Japan (7)
  • Europe (29)
  • - France (6)
  • - Germany (4)
  • - The United Kingdom (6)
  • - Italy (1)
  • - Spain (1)
  • - Rest of Europe (11)
  • Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (13)

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