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Two tailor made retailers for growth investors

It's hard to find growth stocks in retail; hard but not impossible.

Cramer's done some number crunching and he's come up with two names – Lumber Liquidators and Tractor Supply.

That's not to say they're undiscovered; they're not.

"Tractor Supply sells at 30 times earnings and has gained more than 60% ytd. Lumber Liquidators sports a 40 multiple and has gained more than 100% ytd," Cramer said.

But Cramer isn't spooked by those mutiples or those advances.

As he so often says this market values growth and he believes those multiples speak to just how much growth lies ahead for both companies.

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For example both have rising comps "Comps are up 17% for Lumber Liquidators and 7% for Tractor Supply," Cramer said. Also both companies show increasing gross margins and have clear prospects.

"Talk about runway, Lumber Liquidators only has 17 stores in California and 18 in Texas. They can put up stores for years," Cramer noted.

The Mad Money host sees similar potential for Tractor Supply, especially as more people around the globe enter the middle class. In turn, there should be an increased need for farming.

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"These two stocks have exactly what the growth investor wants," Cramer insisted. "For investors seeking growth these stocks are tailor made. I see both continuing on their trajectory higher."

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