ISSI Announces Production Release of Industry Standard 2Mb, 4Mb, 8Mb, 16Mb, and 32Mb Serial Flash Memories With Multi I/O Capability

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Supports Popular Industry Standard Quad Serial Flash Interface

MILPITAS, Calif., Oct. 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. (Nasdaq:ISSI), a leader in advanced memory solutions, today announced production-release of eight new products to expand upon its line of 1.8V/3V IS25xD Dual Series of Serial Flash. The IS25xQ family of (Industry Standard Serial Interface) Flash, otherwise referred to as ISSIFlash™, are Multi I/O Serial NOR Flash devices designed with superset features to allow drop-in replacement reducing time to market and costly re-design efforts. Manufacturers of computers, networking, wireless, industrial, communications, and consumer segments can now take advantage of volume availability of the recently introduced 3.0V devices: IS25CQ032 (32Mb), IS25LQ016 (16Mb), IS25LQ080 (8Mb), IS25LQ040 (4Mb), and IS25LQ020 (2Mb). Low Voltage 1.8V options are available in densities: IS25WQ080 (8Mb), IS25WQ040 (4Mb), and IS25WQ020 (2Mb). These new Serial Flash memories are all available in the popular space-saving, cost effective, 8-pin SOIC package for initial release. These devices will be available in additional packages such as WSON, USON, VVSOP, and KGD in 2014.

These Serial Flash devices are manufactured using 90nm nFlash technology and are positioned to build on the success of ISSI's successful IS25xD family of Dual Serial Flash memories available in 256Kb to 4Mb densities. The new IS25xQ family of devices supports SPI, Dual-SPI, and Quad SPI operation to achieve the industry's highest-performance among Serial Flash memories. Cost effective uniform 4KB sectors and 64KB Blocks maintain backward compatibility to ISSI's previous architecture as well as, drop-in replacements to other existing vendors. The finer 4KB sectors offer increased code density by allowing efficient memory allocation and storage of data -- features that are required in many Intel®-based PC applications. The packaging, performance, and flexibility make the IS25xQ family of Multi I/O Serial Flash ideal for numerous applications, such as tablets, desktops, notebooks, DVD players, recorders, WLAN, DSL, finger-print recognition, HDD, ODD, DECT, USB-Key, monitors, digital TVs, set-top-boxes, blue-tooth, printers, wearable computing, industrial machine vision and robotics control, as well as advanced driver's diagnostic systems.

The 25-series Quad SPI has become a popular choice amongst system designers for increasing SPI transfer rates when shadowing code to RAM and, in some cases, even for executing code directly (XIP). "Serial Flash offers considerable advantages in space, pin-count, and system cost as compared to parallel Flash," said Manjunatha Kashi, VP Flash; Business Development at ISSI. Automotive grade IS25xQ family of devices will be offered in 2014.

"Serial flash has the highest growth of any NOR flash type," said Jim Handy, a flash memory analyst at Objective Analysis. "It's only natural that designers prefer serial products since they provide sufficient storage in a very small form factor at a lower cost."

Serial Flash Market

As applications continue migration from Parallel to Serial Flash, more and more performance-enhancing interface features such as Dual-SPI, Dual I/O SPI, Quad SPI, and Quad I/O SPI, are available with speeds of 100Mhz and above. Combined with small foot-print, low-pin count devices, and high throughput, Serial Flash currently is one of the hot trends moving forward. Most industry-analysts expect the Serial Flash market to grow significantly with market projections exceeding 8 billion units by 2017.

Ordering Information and Specifications

3V Multi I/O Flash: IS25CQ032, IS25LQ016, IS25LQ080, IS25LQ040, and IS25LQ020
1.8V Multi I/O Flash: IS25WQ080, IS25WQ040, and IS25WQ020

For more information on ISSI's Flash offerings, Data sheets are available at For specific lead-time, pricing and additional information, contact your local ISSI sales office (visit or email ISSI's Flash marketing group at

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