Twitter IPO

What's your Twitter IQ? Take the quiz!

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Bird is the word!

Twitter's much anticipated initial public offering is nearing and investors may be licking their chops. Before buying in, though, one may want to test his or her knowledge of the social media messaging company.

Grab a pen, jot down your answers and determine your status in the Twitter nest.

Question 10: When was the first Tweet sent?

a. May 10, 2005

b. August 29, 2008

c. March 21, 2006

Question 9: What is the maximum amount of characters allowed in a single Tweet?

a. 100

b. 120

c. 140

Question 8: Who has the most Twitter followers?

a. @LadyGaga

b. @JustinBieber

c. @Twitter

Question 7: What is the official Twitter bird's name?

a. Larry

b. Chip

c. Birdy

Question 6: How many CEOs has Twitter had in its lifetime?

a. 4

b. 3

c. 2

Question 5: Where was the idea of Twitter first brought up?

a. On the top of a slide at a San Francisco playground

b. Inside the bathroom aboard Air Force One

c. In an elevator at Facebook HQ

Question 4: Which one of these products does Twitter not offer advertisers?

a. Promoted Trends

b. Promoted Accounts

c. Promoted Favorites

Question 3: How many monthly active users does Twitter have?

a. 232 million

b. 547 million

c. More than one billion

Question 2: How did Twitter let the public know that it had filed a confidential S-1 for IPO?

a. E-mail alert

b. Google+ post

c. Tweet

Question 1: How many tweets are sent each day?

a. Around 220 million

b. Around 500 million

c. Around 1 billion

ANSWERS: 10a • 9c • 8b • 7a • 6b • 5a • 4c • 3a • 2c • 1b

YOUR SCORE: What does your Twitter IQ say about you?

10 correct answers = You're currently trending worldwide

7-9 = We'd retweet you any day of the week

5-6 = Soaring like a (blue) bird

3-4 = You're trending! Wait, no, it's just Tailored Trends

1-2 = You have been unfollowed

By CNBC's Eli Langer. Follow him on Twitter at @EliLanger.