Animal Dental Care Announces New Service Locations for Anesthesia-Free Pet Dental Cleanings

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Oct. 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Animal Dental Care announced that new services are now available to veterinarians in the following cities: Renton, WA; Kent, WA; Newton, MA; Kellogg, ID; Nipomo, CA; Cottonwood Heights, UT; and Park City, UT. Animal Dental Care provides anesthesia-free dental care to dogs and cats under the supervision of licensed veterinarians. This means that the practice's dental care is safe for "high risk pets," including older animals or sick animals. This procedure is also an added tool for veterinarians in the preventative dental care maintenance of pets. The new locations are part of the practice's commitment to providing safe and effective dental care services to all pets.

Veterinarians and pet owners living in Renton, WA; Kent, WA; Newton, MA; Kellogg, ID; Nipomo, CA; Cottonwood Heights, UT; and Park City, UT now have access to anesthesia-free dental cleanings for their pets. Animal Dental Care, a national veterinary dental care network, has expanded its services to include these communities.

"We are excited to offer anesthesia-free dental cleaning to more pets across the country," said the company. "We are now providing non-anesthetic dental care through partnerships with veterinarians all across the U.S."

Pet owners and veterinarians can use the Animal Dental Care website to find the practice location nearest to them. The website is:

Animal Dental Care is a national provider of anesthesia-free dental cleaning for pets. Anesthesia-free cleaning ensures that older pets and pets that are sick can still receive a teeth cleaning. Healthy pets may also benefit from the anesthesia-free approach to dental care.

"Periodontal disease is the most common clinical conditions affecting dogs and cats, and it is entirely preventable," says the company. "An annual dental cleaning will keep pets' teeth and gums healthy. Dental home care is also one of the best things a pet owner can do. Brushing your pets' teeth daily will help tremendously."

During an anesthesia-free cleaning, specially trained veterinary dental hygienists help pets relax through a gentle, compassionate touch. Pets are never forced or bullied into submission. By slowly introducing dental cleaning instruments, the hygienist builds trust with the pet. This allows them to safely clean the pet's mouth without the need for anesthesia.

"Anesthesia-free dental scaling is effective for removing tartar and plaque buildup from a pet's gum line," says the company. "Most importantly, this natural approach ensures that more pets can receive a much needed dental cleaning and oral exam." The dental cleaning is also an important opportunity to assess a pet's overall oral health.

"Our goal is to provide good oral health for every pet," said the company. "By expanding our service locations, we are able to reach more pets."

Animal Dental Care has been a leader in providing anesthesia-free dental care for over 20 years. The company proactively works to prevent periodontal disease through anesthesia-free dental cleanings.

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