Immunotherapy: Oral Allergy Drops Offer Needle--Free Relief from Pet Allergies

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Chicago, IL, Oct. 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Children who suffer from pet allergies need not be deprived of growing up with household pets, thanks to sublingual immunotherapy. Among the many custom-designed treatment plans offered by Chicago allergist Brian Rotskoff, MD, immunotherapy, using allergy drops at home, is a gentle alternative to allergy shots. Better tolerated by needle-averse children, allergy drops also offer the much-welcome convenience of cramming fewer office visits into a busy family life. And, of course, there are the many joys of pet ownership, which can be a life-altering plus for kids.

Allergy Relief and the Positive Impact of Pet Ownership: Two Long-term Benefits

"Pets can improve our lives in many ways, but for many adults and kids allergies get in the way of that enjoyment," remarks Dr. Rotskoff. "The great thing about allergy drops is that we can easily treat pet allergies without making allergic kids endure shots in order to keep the family dog or cat."

Under-the-tongue immunotherapy drops made medical news earlier this year after a Johns Hopkins review of sixty-three studies -- twenty enrolling only children -- found it to be an effective allergy treatment. Dr Rotskoff believes that oral allergy drops will become a go-to form of immunotherapy, especially for children. "Oral immunotherapy contains the same allergen-fighters used in weekly allergy shots. It's child-friendly, safe, cost-effective, easy to use, and can bring about permanent allergy relief."

And it can mean a world of difference for a child who has perennial allergies associated with furry pets. It has become common knowledge: Having pets is good for you. They reduce stress in adults, favorably impacting everything from social and emotional well-being to fitness and heart health. For children, pets make for a happier, healthier childhood, engendering many developmental benefits including motor skills, social facilitation and cognitive development, among others.

If a child is genetically predisposed to have allergies, they are likely to develop between the age of 4 and 5. This can cause undue stress if there already is a pet in the house. But there is no reason to say goodbye to a beloved cat or dog, or to worry about visiting friends who have pets. With Dr. Rotskoff's immunotherapy for pet allergies, relief begins within weeks and positive results last a lifetime. The process is simple:

  • In-office allergy skin testing to identify personal allergen triggers
  • Customized allergy drops prescription blended in office
  • Under-the-tongue drops taken at home each day
  • Tolerance builds as immune system becomes desensitized
  • Ultimate "cure" of allergy symptoms in 3-5 years

Allergy drops are pain-free and sweet-tasting, and may even prevent new allergies. Ask about Clarity Allergy Center's fun allergy drops program, which features kid-friendly chart-trackers and prizes. After Dr. Rotskoff has determined the ideal allergy treatment for your child, be sure to visit nearby animal shelters to find the ideal pet for your household.

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