Google tied to mysterious barge in SF bay

Google's new floating marketing center?

There's a mystery surrounding a large structure being built with shipping, or cargo, containers on a barge in San Francisco Bay.

Several reports have tied it to Google, and there are a couple of ideas about what they're up to.

CNET did some digging and reported it's "all but certain" that Google "is the entity that is building the massive structure in plain sight, but behind tight security."

The site says there are indications it could be a floating data center, pointing out that Google has a patent for a "Water-based data center."

KPIX, the CBS affiliate in San Francisco, has a different story. It says it has learned Google is "actually building a floating marketing center" for Google Glass.

But the station reports work on the barge stopped a few weeks ago because Google doesn't have the necessary permits.

Google told CNBC it has no comment on the reports.