Media Money with Julia Boorstin

Facebook's heightened earnings expectations

An employee passes a logo made from a collection of photographs on a wall inside Facebook's new data storage center near the Arctic Circle in Lulea, Sweden.
Simon Dawson | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Facebook shares have been on a tear, up more than 50 percent since the last quarterly report in July, when the company delivered on its promise of growth, especially in the all-important mobile space. With the stock up nearly 150 percent in the past 12 months, expectations are high, and in the past month, half a dozen analysts have boosted their earnings target. Will Facebook live up to heightened expectations and show mobile continuing to drive advertising growth?

More than 80 percent of the social network's revenue comes from advertising, and last quarter, 41 percent of that ad revenue was from mobile. Can that percentage tip above 50 percent this quarter?

Based on ComScore data on Facebook's mobile use in the first two months of the quarter, the trend is positive: Unique mobile visitors grew 8.6 percent and total user minutes grew 97 percent. The negative story is on the desktop, where during that period Facebook suffered a 5.4 percent decline in unique visitors.

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