Long Island Man Benefits from Lenox Hill Hospital's Custom Approach to Robotic Prostate Surgery

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NEW YORK, Oct. 29, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Since David Samadi, MD, joined Lenox Hill Hospital as chair of urology less than four months ago, more than 180 men have benefited from his highly successful robotic prostate cancer removal surgery, including Long Islander Robert Monteith.

"I could not believe I was up and walking around the night of my surgery," said Mr. Monteith, 55, of West Islip, NY. "It is only about a month since my surgery and I have no scars."

Dr. Samadi is widely regarded for his custom approach to robotic prostate surgery. The SMART (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique) procedure yields highly successful results in both prostate cancer cure rate and quality of life after prostate cancer.

"My SMART procedure is an advanced technique that allows me to give my patients a 95 percent cure rate while achieving continence rates of 97 percent and potency rates of 81 percent within one year," explained Dr. Samadi, who has performed more than 5,200 robotic prostate surgeries.

The SMART technique, also known as bloodless prostate surgery, is a revolutionary procedure that drastically reduces blood loss, pain, hospital stay, recovery time and the side effects of other types of prostate cancer treatments. The SMART technique does not require sutures and minimizes damage to the neurovascular bundle.

Using SMART, Dr. Samadi is able to enter the surgical site through a few small "keyhole" entrances and handle the SMART robotic surgery with very tiny and precise instruments. This allows him to perform the surgery with great precision and remove the patient's prostate gland without doing any harm to surrounding tissue. The patient is left with only a few small marks on his abdomen - none of the scars normally associated with surgery.

"I did my research when looking for a doctor for my prostate cancer," Mr. Monteith said of Dr. Samadi, who came highly recommended by a friend and other doctors. "I am looking forward to returning to do the things I love: boating and camping with my family."

Dr. Samadi regards robotic prostatectomy as the ideal prostate treatment because it removes the prostate gland, which, he says, "allows me to more accurately stage, grade and cure the cancer, reducing complications and assuring a better quality of life."

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