World's First Open eReferral Network for Care Providers Launched in Houston

HOUSTON, Oct. 29, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The hot Houston start up sector has launched another medical success with Medifr—the world's first open eReferral Network for Care Providers. The web-based referral network solves the problem of electronic medical records not communicating with each other by allowing any Care Provider with internet access to quickly send, receive and track referrals. Medifr also streamlines collaboration between Care Providers, leading to dramatic improvements in care coordination, preventable medical errors, and patient outcomes. "This is a very exciting time for healthcare providers," says Sean Martin, M.D., Director of Health and Technology at Medifr. "In the past, 20% of referrals have been lost, which has a real impact on the quality of care patients receive. Now Care Providers can ensure that patients never fall through the cracks again."

The Medifr Network also removes the roadblocks Care Providers have been experiencing in regard to collaborating and coordinating patient care quickly and efficiently. Dr. Martin continued, "Medifr is a game-changer for the way we share patient information between healthcare professionals, which will be a key to reducing costs and improving outcomes for patients. The sooner Care Providers adopt and share the platform, the faster we will start seeing it impact the quality of patient care, so we are working hard to educate them about the technology and the way it benefits both them and their patients."

Medifr's rapidly growing network was built from the ground up by Care Providers who are passionate about empowering fellow providers to improve the way healthcare is delivered. Its open architecture makes it easily adaptable to each Care Provider's unique workflow. In addition, Medifr is electronic medical record agnostic, there is no software to download or update, and it requires little to no training for staff—the Medifr interface is easy and intuitive and quickly increases office efficiencies that save time and money.

Medifr also offers robust reporting to help healthcare professionals eliminate lost referrals and track where new business is coming from so they can focus on the areas that will strengthen their practices most.

Medifr is free for healthcare providers and their staff members. Learn more at

About Medifr

Medifr is the first open eReferral network that optimizes the referral process, allowing Care Providers to easily collaborate and coordinate care online for better patient outcomes. Medifr is EMR agnostic, adaptable to each unique Care Provider's workflow, and requires little to no training. Medifr increases Care Provider visibility and connects Care Providers with their local community to strengthen existing relationships and grow their network. Medifr will always be free for Care Providers and staff.

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