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Market could top out by next Tuesday?

The all-time high in the market may not last; Cramer's hearing stocks could turn lower by November 5th. Really.

That's the takeaway from analysis provided by Carolyn Boroden, the so-called Fibonacci Queen.

As a Fibonacci analyst, Boroden analyzes mathematical relationships first discovered in the Middle Ages by Leonardo Fibonacci, which repeat over and over again in both nature and the stock market.

And after examining timing cycles, Boroden sees a pattern taking shape that suggests to her the S&P 500 could peak between Tuesday October 29th and Tuesday November 5th.

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Boroden arrived at the conclusion by measuring key periods of time – one of which was the distance between the August 28th low to the October 9th low. She then multiplied the number of days by 61.8%, one of the key Fibonacci ratios and then used the result to make her projection.

And that projection suggests the rally is getting a little long in the tooth. Of course if that were the only bearish technical sign it might not be terribly worrisome.

But it's not – there are more.

Boroden also sees a bearish signal in price charts of the S&P as well.

The first trouble spot is the range from 1760 to 1768, although the market appears to have pierced through that level. However, there's a second trouble spot just a handful of points away -- from 1,776 to 1781.

Considering Boroden's analysis of time as well as price suggest a confluence of headwinds may lie ahead, she suggests proceeding with caution.

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Now make no mistake, Boroden is not bearish – she's simply saying now may be a good time to take profits.

Cramer agrees. "Raising cash after one of the most amazing runs I have ever seen is never a mistake," he said.

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