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Vampire stocks: Back from the dead?

Cramer's comeback growth stocks Pt. 1

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Just like vampires, stocks can also come back from the dead. Sometimes they're even transformed into stronger and faster versions of their old selves – again just like vampires.

Of course, other times they just lie there.

Following are Cramer's insights on 7 stocks that he thinks are anything but zombies.

F5 Networks

Looking at F5 Networks, Cramer sees terrain that once resembled a serious graveyard.

"F5 had gotten crushed over the last eighteen months as it repeatedly missed numbers, falling from $138 in April of 2012 down to a low of $67 this July," Cramer explained.

However, vitals are coming back.

"Just last week, the company ," Cramer noted. "Also F5 is launching its biggest product refresh in four years, and this kind of tech company is all about product cycles."

"At 13.6 times 2014 earnings I think it's a buy."


Although Apple was never left for dead in any real sense, it's Halloween and the Mad Money host was quick to point out that Apple sure tricked bulls when shares fell from their 2012 high of more than $700 to $390 in April of 2013.

That's a decline of more than 40% - not dead but very painful.

However, Apple has enjoyed a second life, after the launch of new iPhones generated great excitement about the company's future.

"Although Apple may no longer be the revolutionary company it once was, it's still a maker of beloved products," Cramer said. "And it's trading at only 8.5 times next year's earnings estimates when you back out the cash on the balance sheet. Even though it has a 15% growth rate, I that's dirt cheap, and I don't think it will take much to send the stock even higher."

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Deckers Outdoor

Deckers is a stock that spooked investors after shares plunged more than 50% from their 2011 high to their 2012 lows.

Part of the sell-off stemmed from an increase in input costs related to their signature UGG boots.

However, Cramer believes the company is coming back with the vengeance of Norman Bates. The handsomely beat expectations at 95 cents per share. Analysts polled by FactSet expected a profit of 72 cents per share.

Shares gapped higher on the news and have stayed there, since. Cramer expects the momentum to endure. "I really think this once and future growth name could be rising from the ashes." may be one of the most nerve-wracking stocks out there – kind of the market equivalent of "The Omen" or "The Conjuring."

That's because the company trades with a sky high multiple and takes a beating every time it reports a quarter that's anything less than stellar.

"However, every time Salesforce has pulled back, it's rebounded stronger than ever," Cramer notes. And in the stock market price is truth.

"The truth is is at the forefront of a revolution in the way businesses use software, paying a monthly subscription fee to access it from the cloud," Cramer explained.

And despite valuations, Cramer thinks the path of least resistance is higher.

"It only controls 12% of the $20 billion customer relationship management market, its core business—and it's moving into new areas of the cloud all the time," Cramer said. "The company has its big Dreamforce conference coming up next month, and I think it could be a huge positive catalyst, so stick with Salesforce."

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Chipotle is kind of like the bubbling brew in a witch's cauldron – hot, hot, hot.

It trades at 40 times earnings.

The lofty multiple was called into question in July 2012 when Chipotle reported a disappointing quarter, where its same store sales decelerated rapidly from the year before.

"That's what happens when Wall Street fears that a high multiple stock might be losing its momentum," Cramer explained.

However, those fears appear to be premature premature. With sales up 6.2 percent in the third quarter, burrito chain Chipotle surpassed expectations.

Subsequently, shares rallied sharply with the stock gaining 77% this year alone.

"Chipotle remains a super high quality concept, fast food with integrity that's healthy, tastes good, and is sourced with organic ingredients," Cramer said "Plus, Chipotle still has a long growth runway ahead of it—management thinks it can grow the store count by roughly 13% per year."

"Given the scale of the opportunity here, I still think this one is worth buying into weakness," Cramer said.

Cramer's comeback growth stocks Pt. 2


Of all the stocks here, Amazon has never flirted with death the way many others have. It's never even suffered from a serious injury, say a knife in the forehead or right between the eyes.

"In fact, the only times it's ever stumbled were during the dot-com collapse and for a brief time at the onset of the Great Recession," Cramer noted.

"Amazon is on a mission to take over the world, becoming not just the number one online retailer, but the premier global marketplace and fulfillment center," Cramer explained. "It's a cult stock, but it's a cult I'm absolutely willing to join."


If there ever was a poster child for scary it's Netflix. Shares tumbled in 2011 from over $400 all the way down to $65 after a series of mistakes irritated customers.

However, Netflix isn't scary any more. Management aggressively set things right and now Netflix boasts more subscribers than HBO. As a result the stock has returned to its 2011 highs.

But for investors the original programming offered by Netflix may be the catalyst that drives the next leg.

"Their original programs including House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are extremely popular" Cramer explained. In media, content like that is 'king' and Netflix has content that audiences want.

Therefore, "Even at these levels, I think the opportunity cannot be contained," Cramer said, " but always remember, this is a cult stock, and if it ever disappoints its followers with sub-par subscriber growth, it could get crushed all over again.

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