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Boston Beer Co. CEO Jim Koch on his best beer ever

Boston Beer Co.'s Jim Koch on his best beer ever

Really?! Really?! Tom Rotunno got to sit in a bar and just drink beers with Boston Beer Co. co-founder and Chairman Jim Koch? You call that a job? Well, sign me up!

In this edition of "Chew and Brew," Tom bellies up to the bar to talk with Koch about their shared passion: beer.

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Boston Beer Co. was founded in 1984 and Koch has been drinking on the job ever since. He thinks he's put back more than 21,000 beers including a truly memorable one that left him "the highest human being on the planet."

He tells Tom all about that experience and why he's now playing with "Buddha's hand."

It's time to pour yourself a cold one, the master brewer is talking.

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—By CNBC's Gloria McDonough-Taub