Facebook's next target is your cursor

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Everyone creeps on people on Facebook. But now Facebook wants to creep on you.

The social network is testing software that would significantly increase how much data it is able to collect, including tracking a user's cursor, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

Basically, the company would be able to tell how long a cursor lingers over certain parts of its website. On mobile, the software would tell Facebook if a user's newsfeed is open.

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The collected data would be used to help improve targeted ads as well as to create new products.

It should be noted though that this software is currently in the testing phase and that the company has no intention to share the collected information with third parties.

"Like most websites, we run numerous tests at any given time to ensure that we're creating the best experience possible for people on Facebook," a company spokesperson told CNBC.

"These experiments look at aggregate trends of how people interact with the site to inform future product decisions. We do not share this information with anyone outside of Facebook and we are not using this information to target ads."

Read the full Wall Street Journal report.

By CNBC's Cadie Thompson. Follow her on Twitter @CadieThompson.

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