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Dublin, Oct. 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/b7367s/vending_machines) has announced the addition of the "Vending Machines - Global Strategic Business Report" report to their offering.

This report analyzes the worldwide installed based data on Vending Machines in Thousand Units by the following Product Segments: Beverage Vending Machines, Food Vending Machines, Cigarette Vending Machines, and Other Vending Machines. Also, the report analyzes the worldwide market for sale of products through "Vending Machines" in US$ million by the following Product Segments: Beverages, Food, Cigarettes, and Other Products and Services.

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2010 through 2018. A six-year historic analysis is also provided for these markets. The report profiles 113 companies including many key and niche players such as Azkoyen SA, Crane Co., Crane Merchandising Systems, Dixie-Narco, Inc., Cubic Corp., Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., Glory Ltd., GTECH Corporation, Maas International Europe B.V, Royal Vendors Inc., Sanden Corp., Sanden-Vendo America, Inc., and Westomatic Vending Services Ltd. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based upon search engine sources in the public domain.

Key Topics Covered:

I. Introduction, Methodology & Product Definitions

  • Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1
  • Disclaimers I-2
  • Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2
  • Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3
  • Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3

II. Executive Summary


  • A Quick Primer II-1
  • Current & Future Analysis II-1
  • Factors Impacting Demand of Vending Machines in the Worldwide Market (On a Scale of 1-10) II-2
  • Economic Volatility Continues to Pose Challenge II-2
  • Impact of Recession: A Review II-3
  • Intelligent Vending Machines - Marking an Era of Innovations II-3
  • Cashless Vending Machines Spur Convenience Drive II-4
  • Healthy Vending Machines Gain Traction II-5
  • Calorie Counts Add A New Dimension to Healthy Vending Machines II-5
  • Wireless Vending Machines - A High Potential Market II-6
  • Demographics, Macroeconomic Factors Influences Demand for Vending Machines II-6
  • Convenience: A Key Driver II-6
  • Vendors Pay Special Focus on Young Consumer II-6
  • A Healthy Product Mix Is Key II-7
  • Demand for Energy Efficient Vending Machines II-7
  • Innovation Coupled with Functionality is the Way to Go! II-8
  • Right Locations: Key to Revenue Growth II-8
  • Customers Demand for Refined Quality and Flavors II-8
  • Vending Machine Industry - Poised for High Growth in Developing Countries II-8
  • International Manufacturers - Expanding their Presence in Developing Countries II-9
  • Availability of Electronic Items through Vending Machines - A New Trend II-9
  • Key Challenges II-10
  • Vandalism II-10
  • Legislations II-10
  • Underage Smoking Concerns II-10
  • Obesity - Affecting the Vending Machine Industry II-10


  • Market Composition II-12
  • Distribution II-12
  • Prospective Growth Predicted Through Convenience Store and Vending Channels II-12
  • Vending Machines - Losing Sheen II-13
  • Drawbacks of Remote Vending Concept - An Overview II-13
  • Biz-Op Scams II-13
  • Wrong Choice of Locating Company II-14
  • Unscrupulous Distributors II-14
  • Too much Investment at a Time II-14
  • Purchasing Used Equipment II-14
  • Myths II-14


  • Popularity of Vending Machines II-15
  • Product Segmentation II-16
  • By Operation II-16
  • By Type of Vended Product II-16
  • By Emerging/Niche Applications II-16
  • By Technology Used II-16
  • By Place of Installation II-17
  • Benefits II-17
  • Economy II-17
  • Convenience II-17
  • Flexibility II-17
  • Time Savers II-17
  • Hygienic II-18
  • Choice II-18
  • Hazards II-18
  • History of Vending Machines II-18


  • Beverage Vending Machines II-20
  • Cold Beverage Vending Machines II-20
  • Soda Vending Machines II-20
  • Hot Beverage Vending Machines II-20
  • Beer, Liquor, Wine Vending Machines II-20
  • Net-Enabled Soft Drink Vending Machine II-20
  • Food Vending Machines II-21
  • Candy Vending Machines II-21
  • Snack Vending Machines II-21
  • Fresh Food Vending Machines II-21
  • Frozen Food Vending Machines II-21
  • Fishing Needs Vending Machines II-21
  • Fruits Vending Machines II-21
  • Packaged Rice Vending Machines II-21
  • Milk Vending Machines II-22
  • French Fries and Eggs Vending Machines II-22
  • Bite Size Candy Machine II-22
  • Gumball Vending Machines II-22
  • Cigarette Vending Machine II-22
  • Other Vending Machines II-22
  • Insurance Vending Machines II-22
  • Fortune Telling Vending Machines II-23
  • Car Wash Product Vending Machines II-23
  • Vend-All's Advertise on a Vending Machine II-23
  • Dollar Bill Changing Machines II-23
  • Ticket Vending Machines II-23
  • Postage Stamp Vending Machines II-23
  • Video Games Vending Machines II-23
  • Music CD Vending Machines II-23
  • Jukebox Vending Machines II-24
  • Art and Poetry Vending Machines II-24
  • Flower Bouquet Vending Machines II-24
  • Make-up and Hygiene Vending Machines II-24
  • Fingernail Painting Vending Machines II-24
  • Office and School Supplies Vending Machines II-24
  • Phone Card Vending Machines II-24
  • Business Cards Vending Machines II-24
  • Software Vending Machines II-25
  • Inkjet Cartridges and Transparencies Vending Machines II-25
  • Book and Magazine Vending Machines II-25
  • Disposable Camera Vending Machines II-25
  • Sticker and Toy Vending Machines II-25
  • Live Stock Vending Machines II-25
  • Stuffed Animals Vending Machines II-25
  • Drugstore Product Vending Machines II-25
  • Sports Product Vending Machines II-26
  • Clothing Vending Machines II-26
  • Neckties, Scotch Tape and Shaving Cream Vending Machines II-26
  • Map Vending Machines II-26
  • Trading Card Vending Machines II-26
  • Water Vending Machines II-26
  • Pet Product Vending Machines II-26
  • Rain Product Vending Machines II-26
  • Instant Winner Lottery Ticket Vending Machines II-26
  • Prepaid Phone Card Dispensing Machines II-27
  • Media Conversion Tool Vending Machines II-27
  • CyberCabs II-27
  • Fast Aid Medicine, Over the Counter Vending Machine II-28
  • Valet Vending Machine II-28
  • Photojockey: Photosticker Vending Machine II-28
  • Coin Laundry Equipment II-28
  • A Mature Market II-28
  • History of Coin Laundry II-28
  • Bulk Vending Machines II-29
  • Mechanical Vs Electronic Food Vending Machines II-29
  • Types of Vending Programs II-29
  • Full Service Vending Program II-30
  • Co-op Service Vending Program II-30
  • Owner Operator Vending Program II-30
  • Environmental Impact of Drink Vending Machines II-30


  • Overview II-31
  • Need for a Convenient Method to Handle Used Containers II-31
  • Emergence of Reverse Vending Phenomenon II-31
  • Promoting the 'Recycling' Concept II-31
  • Public Legislation: Playing a Major Role in Recycling II-32
  • Types of Reverse Vending Machines II-32
  • Machines for Non-Refillable Containers II-32
  • Machines for Refillable Bottles II-32
  • In-Store Machines from Tomra II-32
  • Benefits of Reverse Vending Machines II-32
  • Benefits to the Consumer II-33
  • Benefits to the Retailer II-33
  • Benefits to the Distributor II-33
  • Future Scenario II-33


  • Snippets II-34


  • Ellas Kitchen Unveils Worlds First Mini Vending Machine II-35
  • Human Healthy Vending to Introduce HUMAN Healthy Vending Machine at Zimmer Childrens Museum II-35
  • Starbucks to Unveil Starbucks On The Go Coffee Vending Machine II-35
  • Sprinkles Introduces Cupcake ATM Vending Machine II-35
  • Lets Pizza to Unveil Pizza Vending Machine II-35
  • Doritos to Launch The JACKED Stage Vending Machine II-36
  • Coca-Cola and Fuji Electric Retail Systems Develop A011 Power-free Vending Machine II-36
  • Fresh Healthy Vending Introduces Healthy Vending Cafe II-36
  • Fantastic Delites and Clemenger BBDO Adelaide Introduce Delite-o-matic Vending Machine II-36
  • PepsiCo UK & Ireland to Launch Facebook-enabled Pepsi Touch II-37
  • BOS Brands Launches BEV Twitter-Activated Vending Machine II-37
  • SkyPeople Fruit Juice Launches Range of Automatic Fruit Juice Dispensing Machines II-37
  • Healthy Coffee International Launches Automatic Vending Machines II-37
  • PepsiCo Introduces Social Vending System II-37
  • Kooler Ice Launches IM1000 II-38
  • Macys Introduces iPad Vending Machine II-38
  • VendScreen Launches VendScreen™ II-38
  • Westomatic to Launch Signature and Sigma Touch VMs II-39
  • Fuji to Launch Built-Cold II-39
  • Sanden to Launch EnergyRanger VMs II-39
  • Cubic Launches Advanced High Resolution Video Displays for Ticket VMs II-40
  • Gongmei Gold Trading Launches Gold Vending ATMs II-40
  • Coca-Cola to Launch Vending Machines in Japan II-41
  • EX3D Unveils In-Theater, Self-Service Vending Machines II-41
  • Sheets Energy Strips Introduces Automated Kiosks II-41
  • Recyclable Planet Rolls Out Reverse Vending Machines II-42
  • Institute for Information Industry (III) Launches Vending Machine II-42
  • China Launches Vending Machine for Gold II-42
  • Pizza Vending Machine to be launched in New York II-43
  • Park District Intends to Launch Healthy Snack Vending Machine II-43
  • Dante's Pizza Intends to Expand Pizza Vending Machine Business II-43
  • Sweden Unveils First Vending Machine for Medicine II-43
  • Japan Launches Vending Machine for Gold II-43
  • Al Hilal Bank Launches Gold Vending Machine II-44
  • AVT Unveils New Vending Technology II-44
  • DongA Commercial Joint Stock Bank Introduces Gold-Selling ATM II-44
  • 1.800. VENDING Rolls Out Refreshment Station II-44
  • Sapient Nitro Launches Smile-Activated Ice Cream Vending Machine II-45
  • HCM City Public Passenger Transport Management and Operation
  • Center Introduces Automatic Bus Ticket Vending Machines II-45
  • Sanden Unveils Glass-Front Vendor Machines II-45
  • South Central Railway Introduce Automatic Ticket Mending Machine II-46
  • The Emirates Palace Inaugurate a Gold Coin Vending Machine II-46
  • The Launch of Wine Vending Machines in the US II-46
  • SapientNitro Introduces Smile-Enabled Ice Cream Truck II-46
  • Cantaloupe Systems Introduces New Seed Cashless® Vending System II-47
  • Wilson Enterprises Introduces Punching Bag Vending Machine II-47
  • Redbox Cashless Vending II-47
  • H.U.M.A.N Healthy Vending to Launch Vending Machines for Healthy Foods and Beverages II-47
  • Quicksilver to Install Boardshort and Bikini Vending Machine at the Standard II-48
  • YoNaturals to Deploy Healthy Vending Machines in Schools in San Diego II-48
  • Coca-Cola Company Unveils New Vending Machine II-48
  • CAERNARFON to Launch Welsh Bilingual Vending Machine II-48
  • Forth Smart Service to Roll Out Wireless Vending Machine II-49
  • PepsiCo Launches Vending Machines II-49
  • Best Buy to Introduce Vending Kiosks II-49
  • Blockbuster Enters into Partnership NCR II-49
  • Grabbit Franchisee Lette to Unveil Apparel Vending Machine II-49
  • Odyssey to Introduce Vending Machines II-49
  • Patriot Energy Corporation Launches Vending Machine Solution II-50
  • Mango Digital Vending Machines to Unveil Digital Vending Machines II-50
  • TM Advanced Services to Introduce Smart Kiosk Vending Machines II-50
  • HCL Infosystems Installs Ticket Vending Machines II-50
  • TG-Gold-Super-Markt Plans to Launch Gold Vending Equipment II-50


  • Sanden Inks Agreement with Toshiba II-51
  • Autobar Group Takes Over Bunzl Vending Services II-51
  • Medbox Takes Over Prescription Vending Machines II-51
  • Canteen Vending Services Acquires NCV Refreshment Services II-51
  • ZESCO Purchases New Pre-Paid Vending Equipment II-52
  • Jack Wells Snaps Up Canteen Service II-52
  • Grani & Partners Signs Exclusive Partnership Agreement with Sip Toys II-52
  • Highway Department of Virginia State Enters into Agreement with CRH Catering II-52
  • Ironclad Performance Wear Selects AVT for VendPerfect™ and TSV™ Technologies II-53
  • Otsuka Pharmaceutical and Otsuka Foods to Enter into Agreement with ITO EN II-53
  • Autobar Group Takes Over Servicio de Venta Automatica II-53
  • H.I.G. Capital Takes Over Next Generation Vending and Food Service II-54
  • Coca-Cola System Enters into Global Partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies for Supporting Earthquake Victims II-54
  • CVC Capital Partners Takes Over Autobar Group from Charterhouse II-55
  • Next Generation Vending and Food Service Acquires Assets from Vogel Vending and Vending Service from Canteen II-55
  • South Central Railway Starts Sale of Tickets through Automated Ticket Vending Machines II-55
  • Coca-Cola to Establish Visa PayWave Card Based Vending Machines II-55
  • ZoomSystems Inks Retail Partnership Agreement with The Body Shop II-55
  • Brulines Bags Three-year Contract to Supply Vending Equipments II-56
  • Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile, Telit Communication Sign Agreement II-56
  • Professional Vending Services Takes Over Riteway Vending II-56
  • Campbell Soup Collaborates with the Coca-Cola Company to Venture in Vending Machine Industry II-56
  • KRh Thermal Systems Takes Over Kosher Vending Industries II-57
  • Continental Vending and S & K Vending Merge Operation II-57
  • Royal Philips Electronics Acquires Saeco International Group II-58
  • SnackTime Acquires MBM Business Systems II-58
  • Arbor Investments Acquires Sanford, N.C. Coke Bottling Company II-59
  • First Choice Food Service Buys Stake In Triangle Vending II-59
  • TAFS Takes Over Calderon Brothers Vending II-59
  • The Vending Center Acquires Inventory from Birmingham Vending Co and Greater Southern Distributing Co II-59
  • Smokefree Innotec Expands Distribution Network II-59
  • PSI Antonson Enter into Frame Agreement with ICA II-59
  • TOMRA Partners with Vending Innovations II-60
  • Yo Naturals Sets-Up Vending Machines in Gold Gym II-60
  • AVT Signs Agreement With Mobil-Tee-Vending to Manufacture Exclusive Vending Machines II-60
  • Samsung, Kraft, Digitas and Crane Collaborate For Snack Vending Machine II-60
  • Investcorp and Barclays Private Equity Purchase N&W Global Vending II-60
  • SKIDATA AG Takes Over Skibadge International II-61
  • Rogers Vending Takes Over Fountain Fresh II-61
  • Fresh Direct Refreshment Acquires All American Vending II-61
  • JW Distributing Acquires Alabama-Georgia Vending Services II-61
  • Tomra Systems Enter Into Agreement With Sumitomo II-61
  • Bruline Acquires Vianet II-62
  • University Hospitals Case Medical Center Deploys Vending Machine II-62
  • IOB Sets Up Coin Vending Machine in Puducherry II-62
  • Buffalo Rock, Pepsi Sign Vending Contract at University of Alabama II-62
  • Amul Dairy Begins Milk-Card Trials on Any Time Milk Vending Machines II-62


  • Azkoyen SA (Spain) II-63
  • Crane Co. (USA) II-63
  • Crane Merchandising Systems Ltd. (The UK) II-64
  • Dixie-Narco, Inc. (USA) II-64
  • Cubic Corp. (USA) II-64
  • Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan) II-65
  • Glory Ltd. (Japan) II-65
  • GTECH Corporation (USA) II-66
  • Maas International Europe B.V. (Netherlands) II-66
  • Royal Vendors, Inc. (USA) II-66
  • Sanden Corp. (Japan) II-67
  • SandenVendo America, Inc. (USA) II-67
  • Westomatic Vending Services Ltd. (The UK) II-67


III. Market
















IV. Competitive Landscape

Companies Mentioned - for a full list, please click here

Abberfield Technology Pty, Ltd (Australia)
Alenis Italia Srl (Italy)
Bianchi Vending Group (Italy)
Coffee Point Plc (UK)
Cubic Corporation (USA)
Cubic Transportation Systems, Inc (USA)
Damian Srl (Italy)
ET Evertech Corporation (Taiwan)
ETNA Group BV (The Netherlands)
Euro Vending Srl (Italy)
GTECH Corporation (USA)
Harrington Vending Machines Ltd (Ireland)
Harting KGaA (Germany)
Jackel Porter Co, Ltd (Hong Kong)
Kubota Corporation (Japan)
Kumpulan Development Pte, Ltd (Singapore)
Maggi Coniature, Srl (Italy)
Saeco International Group SpA (Italy)
Shibaura Vending Machine Corporation (Japan)
Tasty Fries, Inc (USA)
Technic Acier Diffusion (France)
UK Vending Ltd (UK)
Unicorn Self Serve Ltd (UK)
Whirlpool Dixie-Narco (USA)

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