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Had the White House only asked Cramer, they might not be in such a mess.

Perhaps Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius wouldn't have landed in front of Congress apologizing for what can only be described as a botched Obamacare rollout.

Since the new website went live earlier in the month, it's been riddled with technical problems with the site even going offline from time to time.

Largely, the government has blamed the private contractors who built the website, one of which was Canada-based CGI Federal.

"I wouldn't have given this contract to a Canadian information technology company," Cramer said.

It's not that Cramer doesn't like the company, rather he sees it more as an issue of patriotism.

"Have some pride in our American companies for heaven's sake," said a frustrated Cramer.

Beyond that, Cramer believes the government didn't understand the fundamental issues behind the project.

"You see this was never an information technology initiative and it should never have been given to an information technology company," Cramer explained.

"It was a customer relations management project and if there's a real issue here with Sibelius and her crew it was not recognizing that this whole website was about the client, the citizen of the United States, and not the health care system at all."

Had Cramer been tasked with rolling out, he would have developed the following plan.

"I would have given this entire contract to and told CEO Marc Benioff to make sure customers got all the help necessary to figure out how to choose the right plan," Cramer explained.

From there, Cramer would have assembled an all-star team of American companies to drive the initiative. "I would have hired Google to answer queries, Apple to develop the app and Amazon to deliver – anything that needed to be delivered."

And for the implementation, Cramer would have hired Athenahealth or Cerner, companies with a superb medical records background.

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Alas, none of this happened.

"This should have been a moment for American companies to shine," Cramer said with regret in his voice. "Instead it's become a moment of frustration and struggle for American families."

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