The future of food... packaging you can eat?

The future of food...packaging you can eat

It might sound like the work of a whacky scientist, but the latest food revolution to come out of France is an attempt to bring environmentally friendly food to the fore.

WikiPearls are little balls of ice cream, yogurt, cheese and coffee wrapped in an edible package made of food particles and ions to hold it together.

The idea was sparked by a discussion about transporting water in ways inspired by our biological cell.

"It is exactly like the human skin. In fact, that's our goal to reproduce the natural barrier of human skin," David Edwards, the co-inventor of the technology told CNBC.

As the world's population grows and concerns over food and package wastage grow, Edwards believes his product may be the answer.

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The skin technology named WikiCells was created by Edwards and designer François Azambourg in 2009 and backed by venture capital firms Polaris Partners and Flagship Ventures.

WikiFoods, is a start-up that was founded by the Harvard professor in 2010. It is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and in Paris at Le Laboratoire, an art and design center where the scientist creates the products and sells them at the WikiBar.

WikiPearls is not the first food experiment by Edwards. The Harvard scientist has created a breathable chocolate called Le Whif, as well as breathable meals called Le Whaf.

Edwards sees this as part of a big sustainable food movement.

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"I think it's part of the future of food. I think that in the same way that we went from the book of the sixteenth seventeenth century to this incredible diversification of information devices, we're probably moving in that direction also with food, with the intention again of giving the nutrition I want, when I want it and minimum impact on the environment," he told CNBC.

The company is working on creating beverages in a similar way to WikiPearls. Edwards said that the water they are experimenting with would come in "a bottle that you could eat".

He is optimistic that his creations will play a big role in the food industry in the future as the company looks to expand with vending machines and gain widespread appeal.

"I think these food forms will be a key part of that revolution."

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