MEMSIC Introduces eCompass Library at ARM TechCon 2013

Santa Clara, Calif., Oct. 31, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MEMSIC, Inc. (Nasdaq:MEMS), a leading solutions provider combining proprietary MEMS technology with systems solutions, today announced at the ARM TechCon conference an Electronic Compass (e-compass) library. This is the first member of its Atmel applications Gallery library, which accelerates embedded designers ability to create smarter connected devices including consumer sensor hubs, Internet of Things and wearables.

The Electronic Compass extension provides a highly accurate fully tilt compensated electronic compass with calibration that supports the MEMSIC's recently introduced MMC3416xPJ ultra low noise, low power magnetometer in a 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.6 package. High compass accuracy is enabled by the high performance and low noise of the MMC3416xPJ.

Integrating sensors can be complex and time consuming. A thorough understanding of the theory of magnetics, sensor behavior, calibration and tilt compensation is required before the design can start, and the digital outputs of counts per gauss, and counts per g need to be filtered and translated into a tilt compensated heading.

MEMSIC can simplify this integration on the Atmel Xplain platform by providing a calibration and Electronic Compass library as a Gallery program. This library leverages MEMSIC's many years of experience as an IMU developer to provide a high performance Electronic Compass that will address the most demanding applications. In addition, the MMC3416xPJ provides a high dynamic range of 16 Gauss, which simplifies design by allowing more placement options on the board.

"Atmel is excited to be working with MEMSIC, a leader in inertial sensors, systems and solutions. Their low-power high-dynamic range sensors coupled with Atmel's ultra-low power sensor hub and the eCompass library enable a host of new consumer electronics, Internet of Things and medical device applications," said Dr. John Logan, Sr. Manager Sensor Engineering, Atmel Corporation.

John Newton, MEMSIC VP of Marketing, commented, "Atmel's ultra-low power processor is an ideal match for the MMC3416xPJ magnetic sensor. Together they enable an ultra-low power and high performance e-Compass solution; our partnership with Atmel and their Gallery library will enable customers to bring new solutions to market quickly and efficiently."

The Electronic Compass library will be released to the Atmel Gallery in November 2013.


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