Cramer’s anointed airline stock

Delta is the one to own: Cramer

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Of all the , Cramer thinks one will experience increasing altitude through the end of 2013.

"It's Delta, the largest US carrier by both traffic and capacity," Cramer said.

As the year draws to a close, Cramer believes that money managers will cozy up to stocks that have significantly outperformed, if for no other reason than to look good to clients.

And Delta has soared 125% year to date.

The phenomenon, known as window dressing, may be reason enough to put money to work in Delta. However, Cramer also sees other significant catalysts.

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First, Cramer believes Delta is a beneficiary no matter what the as they rule on the merger between US Air and AMR.

"If Justice puts the kybosh on the merger, then Delta remains top dog, with enormous structural advantages over the rest of the industry that will allow the stock to keep outperforming the rest of the group," noted Cramer.

But, if the merger goes through Cramer said it will take capacity out of the system. That too benefits Delta.

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Also Cramer is bullish on Delta for a slew of other reasons.

- Strategic operator: "Delta's operating margin, what they make on each dollar of sales before interest and taxes, was 13.4%, better than any other airline save the niche Alaska Air," Cramer said.

- Premium seats: "In the past, most premium seats were given away as free upgrades," Cramer explained. Last year only 14% of Delta's domestic front cabin seats were occupied by paying customers. This year, the company's more than doubled that to 30%. And Delta has initiatives going that they believe will let them take that figure up to 50%."

- Low costs: "Eleven months ago, Delta laid out a blueprint for saving $1 billion," said Cramer. It's beginning to pay-off."

- Corporate travel: "Corporate travel grew 10% in the last quarter," Cramer explained. "That's due, in part to its joint venture with Virgin Atlantic. Also, Delta's Latin American joint ventures are on fire."

- Energy strategy: "Delta has its own oil refinery," Cramer revealed. "This program is still in its infancy, but it could be a big deal in 2014."

All told, Cramer sees every reason for Delta to soar. "Of all the stocks in the space, I think Delta is the one to own."

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