Tauriga Sciences Inc. Receives SPEC Sheets for Full Suite of 100% Tree-Free Bamboo Products Pursuant to Exclusive License Agreement With Green Hygienics, Inc.

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NEW YORK, Nov. 1, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tauriga Sciences Inc. (OTCQB:TAUG) or ("Tauriga" or "the Company"), a diversified company focused on generating profitable revenues through license agreements and the development of a proprietary technology platform in the nanorobotics space, has today announced the receipt of SPEC sheets covering the full suite of 100% Tree-Free Bamboo products pursuant to the exclusive license agreement ("the Agreement") signed between the Company and Green Hygienics, Inc. ("Green Hygienics") on June 1, 2013. The product SPEC sheets include: bathroom tissue, copy paper, facial tissue, kitchen towel, facial tissue cube, and luncheon napkins. The SPEC sheets for the bamboo disinfectant wipes are expected in the near term. The Company has already been in detailed discussions with potential customers and believes that there is strong demand for these products. The receipt of the product specification sheets ("SPEC sheets"), which include a detailed overview of the dimensions, content, and shipping information, enables the Company to expedite the process of securing purchase orders from potential and probable customers.

Tauriga's CEO Seth M. Shaw expressed, "The company is working diligently to generate revenues derived from the license agreement with Green Hygienics. Now that the SPEC sheets have been received, the Company can provide potential customers with the requisite paperwork to complete purchase orders. The ability to generate profitable revenues is a crucial component of the Company's business plan moving forward and strengthens all aspects of the business.

Tauriga has been focusing its marketing efforts relating to the License Agreement on medical practices, hospitals, adult care facilities, school districts, small businesses, and large corporations. Under terms of the Agreement, the Company shall realize 100% of the revenues generated from the North American sales. The two companies, Tauriga and Green Hygienics, will equally split all potential net profits and jointly assume marketing costs.

About Tauriga Sciences, Inc.:

Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB:TAUG) is a diversified company focused on generating profitable revenues through license agreements and the development of a proprietary technology platform in the nano-robotics space. The mission of the Company is to acquire and build a diversified portfolio of cutting edge technology assets that is capital efficient and of significant value to the shareholders. The Company's business model includes the acquisition of licenses, equity stakes, rights on both an exclusive and non-exclusive basis, and entire businesses. Management is firmly committed to building lasting shareholder value in the short, intermediate, and long terms. The Company's new corporate website can be found at (www.tauriga.com).

About Green Innovations Ltd.

Green Innovations Ltd. (OTCQB:GNIN), through its wholly-owned subsidiary Green Hygienics, Inc., is the exclusive licensed North American distributor of American Hygienics Corporation's 100% tree-free bamboo-based product line, including personal care and paper-based goods. The marketplace for tissue paper products, diapers, wet wipes, feminine care products, and adult care products, is in excess of $29 billion annually in the United States. The Company is committed to providing consumers with quality products that are designed and manufactured to the highest standards in FDA-accepted manufacturing facilities without compromising product performance. Green Innovations is a member of the International Green Energy Council (IGEC) and dedicated to ensuring a more healthy and sustainable planet.


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