American Greed: The Fugitives
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Zeus on the loose: The remaining suspects

Artem Semenov

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Artem Semenov

Aliases: Nicholas Congleton, Valentin Kulakov, Alexey Michinnik, Viktor Rajkov, Arvind Shah, Peter Stojanovich, Tokin Waaran, Fred Teschemacher, David Warren, Aleksandr Zorin
Nationality: Russian
Age when charged: 23
Estimated current age: 26
Criminal charges: Conspiracy to commit bank fraud; conspiracy to possess false identification documents; false use of passport

According to the FBI, an arrest warrant was issued for Semenov in 2010 after he was charged with conspiracy to commit bank fraud, conspiracy to possess false identification documents and false use of passport.

He's an avid poker player, speaks limited English and may be sticking close to a Russian community. According to the criminal complaint against him, in or about August 2010 Semenov flew to Las Vegas with two female companions, now-convicted money mules Almira Rakhmatulina and Julia Shpirko. Court records indicate the women were later arrested in Los Angeles. The FBI believes Semenov remains at large in the U.S.

Image Source: FBI