Compressors and Vacuum Pumps - Global Strategic Business Report

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Dublin, Nov. 4, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Compressors And Vacuum Pumps - Global Strategic Business Report" report to their offering.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Compressors and Vacuum Pumps in US$ Million by the following Product Categories/Segments: Compressors (Positive Displacement Compressors, & Dynamic Type Compressors), and Vacuum Pumps (Rotary Vacuum Pumps, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps, Diffusion Vacuum Pumps, Cryogenic Vacuum Pumps, & Turbomolecular Pumps). The global market is further analyzed by the following End-Use Segments: Compressors (Automotive, Chemicals, Industrial & Manufacturing, Oil Gas & Petrochemicals, & Other Industries) and Vacuum Pumps (Semiconductors, Chemicals, Industrial Processes, & Other Industries).

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Latin America. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period of 2010 through 2018. Also, a six-year historic analysis is provided for these markets. The report profiles 465 companies including many key and niche players such as Agilent Technologies Inc., ATLAS COPCO AB, ABAC Aria Compressa S.p.A., Quincy Compressor, Bristol Compressors International, Inc., Busch, LLC, Edwards Limited, Embraco SA, Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc., Gardner Denver, Inc., Ingersoll-Rand Plc, Kaeser Kompressoren GmbH, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Gmbh, Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH, PIAB AB, Sanden Corporation, Sundyne Corporation, Tecumseh Products Company, and Toyota Industries Corporation. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based upon search engine sources in the public domain.

Key Topics Covered:

I. Introduction, Methodology & Product Definitions

  • Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1
  • Disclaimers I-2
  • Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2
  • Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-2
  • Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3
  • Positive Displacement Compressors I-3
  • Dynamic-Type Compressors I-3
  • Rotary Vacuum Pumps I-4
  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps I-4
  • Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps I-4
  • Diffusion Vacuum Pumps I-4
  • Cryogenic Vacuum Pumps I-4
  • Turbomolecular Vacuum Pumps I-4

II. Executive Summary


  • A Quick Primer II-1
  • The Ubiquity of Compressors & Vacuum Pumps II-1
  • Market Fundamentals II-1
  • Impact of the 2007-2009 Recession In Retrospect II-2
  • Wary End-User Investments: The New Normal in Developed Countries II-3
  • The Recession Accelerates the Shift in Focus to Developing Countries II-4
  • CIVETS: The Next Hot Spot for Growth II-4
  • Impact of the European Debt Crisis: A Review II-4
  • Global Outlook II-5
  • Key Trends & Issues II-5
  • Innovation is the Name of the Game, Shaping Future Growth in the Market II-5
  • Innovations in Rotary &Reciprocating Compressor & Vacuum Pumps Segment II-6
  • Innovations in Compressor Technology for Car Air-Conditioning Systems II-7
  • Next Generation Vehicles to Enhance demand for Electrical Compressors II-7
  • Energy Efficiency Becomes Top Priority for Choosing Compressors and Pumps II-7
  • Regulatory Guidelines Direct Energy Efficiency in Equipment II-8
  • Interactive Pumps Enhance Efficiency II-8
  • Demand for Clean & Dry Pumps On the Rise II-8
  • Use of Natural Refrigerants on the Rise II-8
  • Developing Markets More Than a Blip on the Radar II-9
  • Construction of 300mm Wafer Fab Drives Demand for Vacuum Sub-Systems II-9
  • Key Statistical Findings II-10


  • Compressors: A Technical Approach II-12
  • Compressor Essentials II-12
  • General Input on Compressors II-12
  • Compressor Monitoring - Crucial to Healthy Longevity II-13
  • Compressor Types II-13
  • Air Compressors II-13
  • Axial/Centrifugal Compressors II-14
  • Positive Displacement Compressors II-14
  • Market Restraints II-15
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Compressors II-15
  • Importance of Suction Pressure in Compressor Monitoring II-15
  • Dynamic Type Compressors II-15
  • Technology Trends II-16
  • Vacuum Pumps II-16
  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Compressor (Pumps) (LRVC) II-16
  • Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps II-17
  • Rotary Vacuum Pumps II-17
  • Liquid-Ring Vacuum Pumps II-17
  • Diffusion Vacuum Pumps II-18
  • Cryogenic Vacuum Pumps II-18
  • Roots Vacuum Pumps II-18
  • Turbomolecular Pumps II-18
  • Pneumatically Actuated Miniature Peristaltic Vacuum Pumps II-18
  • Oil-Free Vs. Oil Sealed Vacuum Pumps II-19


  • Aerospace Industry II-20
  • Automobile Industry II-20
  • Food Processing II-20
  • Chemical Industry II-20
  • Petrochemicals II-21
  • Manufacturing Industry II-21
  • Semiconductor Industry II-21
  • Gas Industry II-21
  • Oil Industry II-22


  • Efficiency and Size - The New USPs II-23
  • Less is Far More II-23
  • Innovative Technologies in the Compressors and Vacuum Pumps Industry II-23
  • Saving Energy Technologies II-23
  • Reciprocating Compressors Available with a 90-1 Air Receiver II-24
  • Variable Speed Compressors II-24
  • Invector™ Air Compressors II-24
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) II-24
  • PIAB P3010 Vacuum Pump- COAX™ Technology II-24
  • Standard-Duty Wob-L (Oil-Free) Dry Pumps II-24
  • BAUER Compressors Systems II-25


  • Kaeser Compressors Launches MobilairTM M27 II-26
  • Hydrovane Introduces G series Compressors II-26
  • Atlas Copco Compressors Introduces GA Air Compressor Range II-26
  • Gast Manufacturing Launches Vacuum Pumps and Compressors II-27
  • Atlas Copco Introduces GA Screw Compressor Range II-27
  • Eaton Compressor Unveils Nex-Gen Polar Air Rotary Screw Air Compressor Range II-28
  • Atlas Copco Introduces GXe Compressor Range II-28
  • VMAC Launches UNDERHOOD70-G Air Compressor II-29
  • Agilent Technologies Unveils MS-101 Vacuum Pump II-29
  • Busch Launches New Version of DS Series COBRA Vacuum Pump Range II-29
  • Edwards Launches iXH645H Dry Pump II-29
  • Edwards Unveils iXL750Q and iXL250Q Dry Pumps II-30
  • KNF Neuberger Launches N950.50 Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps II-30
  • Gast Group Unveils Jun-Air 85R-4P Compact Compressor II-31
  • Ingersoll Rand Unveils EvolutionTM Compressor II-31
  • Gardner Denver Nash Launches NASH 2BM1 Pump Range II-31
  • Gardner Denver Thomas Launches Picolino Rotary Pump and Compressor II-32
  • Massey Plugins Introduces CT5 Compressor II-32
  • Kaeser Compressors Launches MobilairTM M250 Portable Compressor II-32
  • SORL Auto Parts Introduces Range of Electric Air Brake Compressors II-33
  • Acmevac Sales Introduces LVV Series of Rotary Vacuum Pumps II-33
  • Edwards Launches STP-iXR1606 Range of Turbo- Molecular Pumps (UK) II-34
  • Edwards Introduces nXDS Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump Range II-34
  • VMAC Launches RAPTAIR60 Stand-Alone Diesel Drive Air Compressor II-35
  • Gardner Denver Thomas Launches Thomas 135 Series DC WOB-L® Compressor II-35
  • Edwards Introduces GXS750 and GXS450 Vacuum Pumps II-35
  • EBARA Technologies Launches EV-M Dry Vacuum Pump Series II-36
  • Edwards Rolls Out High-Performance Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps II-36
  • Edwards Introduces New-for-Old exchange offer for the GXS Vacuum Pump II-37
  • Edwards Unveils Two GXS Vacuum Pumps for Industrial Applications II-37
  • Delphi Automotive Expands AC Compressor Coverage with 70 SKUs II-38
  • Emerson Climate Technologies Launches Innovative 3-Phase UltraTech Compressor II-38
  • Emerson Climate Technologies Unveils Copeland Scroll Compressors Featuring CoreSense Module II-39
  • Tecumseh Products Company Introduces Direct-Current Compressors II-39
  • Atlas Copco Introduces New Oil-free Compressor II-40
  • Vortex Compressor Group Introduces ERS Series Rotary Screw Air Compressor II-40
  • Vortex Compressor Technology Group Introduces WIS Series Compressor (Turkey) II-41
  • Miller Electric Launches EnPak® Air Power 40 Air Compressor and Generator II-41
  • Tecumseh Products India Introduces AE2 Compressor (India) II-41
  • Rockwell Automation Unveils New Energy Solution II-41
  • Doosan Infracore Portable Power Launches Electric Compressors II-42
  • Edwards to Introduce CXS Dry Pumps II-42
  • Busch Vacuum India Launches New Liquid Vacuum Pumps Series II-42
  • Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems Launches Vertical Flow Dry Screw Vacuum Pump II-42
  • Bharath Vacuum Pumps Introduces Oil Sealed Pumps II-43
  • MV Products Launches Vacuum Pump Inlet and Exhaust Trap Filter Media II-43
  • Atlas Copco Compressors Launches LP and LS Compressors Series II-43
  • Atlas Copco Compressors launches KT Range Contractor Series II-44
  • CompAirGroup Introduces Q-70L Model of Low Pressure Compressor II-44
  • AtlasCopco Launches VSD Compressor II-44
  • Tecumseh Products Launches TA Compressor II-44
  • Blackmer Launches NG Series of Natural Gas Vapour Recovery Compressors II-45
  • Kaeser Compressors Unveils Redesigned SK Series of Industrial Air Compressors II-45
  • Acmevac Introduces Mnobloc Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps II-45
  • Tecumseh Launches TA Compressor II-46
  • Embraco to Launch Micro-Compressor II-46
  • Busch Launches Innovative Oil Filter Adapter for R 5 Family of Vacuum Pumps II-46
  • Busch Launches Dolphin LX B Series II-46
  • Emerson Climate Technologies Unveils Copeland Discus with CoreSense Protection II-47
  • Busch Launches Innovative COBRA DS Series II-47
  • Ingersoll Introduces New Range of Compressors II-48
  • Tecumseh Introduces dc Masterflux[R] Compressors in India II-48
  • Edwards Launches GSX 750 and 450 Series of Dry Vacuum Pumps II-49
  • Doosan Launches HP750e Electric-Powered Air Compressor II-49
  • Tecumseh Introduces AE2 Next Generation Compressor II-50
  • Indovac Develops a New Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump II-50


  • Chicago Pneumatic Introduces Advanced CPE Compressor II-51
  • Garden Denver Launches 2BE4 II-51
  • Edwards Launches STP-iXA3306 and STP-iXA2206 II-51
  • Hitachi America Launches SRL Multiplex Series II-52
  • Visteon Launches BMW ActiveHybrid 7 II-52
  • Fisher & Paykel Appliances Introduces New Compressor II-52
  • Allight Introduces MDVN Series and MDVS Series II-52
  • Atlas Copco Introduces GAe/GAe VSD compressors II-52
  • Ingersoll Rand Introduces R110 Compressor II-53
  • Cubigel Compressors Launches Green Cooling Compressors II-53
  • Quincy Compressor Introduces Quincy QGV Range of Air Compressors II-53
  • Ingersoll Rand Unveils C1000 Centrifugal Air Compressor II-54
  • Doosan Infracore Portable Power Unveils Ingersoll Rand C185 Air Compressor II-54
  • Doosan Infracore Portable Power Unveils Platinum Series P185 Air Compressor II-55
  • Agilent Technologies Unveils New Range of Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pumps II-56
  • Edwards Adds STP-iXA2206 and STP-iXA3306 to iXA family of Turbomolecular Pumps II-56
  • Edwards Unveils iXL120 II-56
  • Embraco Unveils EMD China II-57
  • Tecumseh Expands Scroll Compressor Range II-57
  • Arrow Engine Launches CNG Compressor II-57
  • GD Nash Unleashes 2BE4 Series Pumps and Compressors II-58
  • GD Thomas Launches 260 Series Brushless DC Pump II-58
  • Vaccon Company Rolls Out Miniature Vacuum Pump II-58
  • Agilent Launches New Line of Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump II-58
  • Acmevac Launches Direct Drive Rotary Vacuum Pumps II-58
  • Edwards Launches Dry Pump for Crystal Pulling and Solar Laminator Applications II-58
  • KNF Neuberger Launches Swing-Piston Pump II-59
  • Refcomp Introduces AC Compressor II-59
  • Thomas Introduces 2250 WOB-L Piston Pump II-59
  • DESY Built New Mobile Dry Pumping Stations II-59
  • LizardTech Introduces Enhanced Version of LiDAR Compressor II-60
  • Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces Duo 125 and Duo 255 Pumps II-60
  • Bitzer Introduces ORBIT 8 Scroll Compressor Series II-60
  • Embraco to Introduce Variable Speed Compressors II-60
  • Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Introduces New Series of Dry Vacuum Pumps II-61
  • Sullair Corporation Introduces 375H AF Portable Air Compressor II-61
  • Alcatel Vacuum Products Unveils Adixen ATH500M II-61
  • Sullair Introduces Improved Version of Tandem Compressors of TS-Series II-62
  • Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Introduces Customized Vacuum Pump Systems II-62
  • Edwards Introduces nEXT Range of Turbomolecular Pumps II-62
  • EBRA Technologies Launches New PDV Series II-62
  • Seymour Duncan Launches SFX-09 Double Back Compressor II-63
  • Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum USA Introduces New Vacuum Pump Systems II-63
  • Uniweld Launches New Uniweld HUMM VAC Vacuum Pumps II-63
  • Bambi Introduces Silent HT Oil-free Compressor Range II-63
  • Atlas Copco Compressors Introduces Oil-free Scroll Compressors Range II-63
  • Gardner Denver Nash Introduces the NASH Vectra SX Series II-64
  • Edwards Launches iXL Series of Dry Vacuum Pumps II-64
  • Boge Compressors Launches Boge Focus Compressor Controller II-65
  • Boge Compressors Introduces Polaris Range of Industrial Oil-free Turbo Compressors II-65
  • Klark Teknik Introduces DN540 Creative Quad Compressor II-65
  • Edwards Introduces Acoustic Enclosure for RV/EM Pumps II-66
  • Atlas Copco Compressors Launches Enhanced Oil-injected Screw Compressors II-66
  • Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum to Unveil TURBOLAB 80 II-67
  • Metallurgical Rolls Out New Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps II-67
  • Busch Introduces New Vacuum pumps II-68
  • Alcatel Vacuum Products Unveils Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump II-68
  • Gardner Denver Nash Launches NASH Vectra XL 750 Series II-68
  • Appion Releases TEZ8™ Vacuum Pump II-68
  • Quincy Compressor Unveils Xtreme Piston Compressors II-68
  • Javac Introduces Vector High-Vacuum Pumps Series II-68
  • Anver Unveils Mitey-AirVac™ Miniature Vacuum Stations II-69
  • KNF Neuberger Releases SC920 Series Vacuum Pumps II-69
  • Vacuum Research Introduces Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps II-69


  • Burckhardt Compression Obtains Order from Zeeland Refinery II-70
  • MicruX Fluidic Develops µPump Vacuum Pump II-70
  • WABCO Holdings to Provide Vacuum Pump Technology to Chrysler Group II-70
  • Pompetravaini to Acquire Significant Majority Stake in NSB Gas Processing II-71
  • HELLA Partners Emicol to Manufacture Electronic Products II-71
  • Agilent Technologies Acquires P.V.R. II-71
  • Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Inks Contract with Hangzhou Hangyang II-71
  • BC Partners and Carlyle Group to Acquire Sullair Corporation from United Technologies II-72
  • Atlas Copco Takes Over Ekomak II-72
  • HMS Group Takes Over KazanKompressorMash II-73
  • BRC Gas Equipment Purchases CUBOGAS Unit of GE Energy Business II-73
  • Pompetravaini Signs Agreement with NSB Gas Processing II-73
  • General Electric and Bharat Heavy Electrical Ink Licensing Agreement for Oil and Gas Compressors II-73
  • Calsonic Harrison to Expand Compact Variable Compressor Production II-74
  • GE Oil & Gas and Royal Dutch Shell Enter into Enterprise Framework Agreement II-74
  • Elgi Equipments Takes Over Rotair II-74
  • Huayi Compressors Company Takes Over Cubigel Compressors II-75
  • Atlas Copco North America Takes Over Houston Service Industries II-75
  • Atlas Copco Purchases Wuxi Shengda II-75
  • Atlas Copco Acquires GIA II-75
  • Atlas Copco Acquires Houston Service Industries II-76
  • Samsung Techwin Clinches Contract to Supply Industrial Air Compressors II-76
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bags Supply Order from Royal Dutch Shell II-76
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to Supply LNG Compressors to Royal Dutch Shell II-76
  • Atlas Copco Receives Two Orders to Supply Compressors II-76
  • Alliance Engineering Receives Order to Engineer and Design Compressor II-77
  • Opcon Bags Order from CERN for Compressor Stations II-77
  • Kaeser Offers Redesigned SK Compressor Range II-77
  • RusTurboMash Establishes Compressor Manufacturing Plant II-78
  • Indovac Pumps & Engineering Develops Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump II-78
  • Atlas Copco Compressors Purchases Assets from Tencarva Machinery Company II-78
  • Compressor Products International Takes Over Mid- Western Compressor Supplies and Mid-Western Machine Works II-78
  • Cameron International to Take Over Industrial Machine & Fabrication II-79
  • Vacon and Bristol Compressors International Ink Supply Agreement II-79
  • Atlas Copco Takes Over Guangzhou Linghein Compressor II-79
  • Hitachi Plant Technologies Forms Joint Venture with Mayekawa Manufacturing II-79
  • Corac Group and Aramco Overseas Ink Partnership Agreement II-80
  • Atlas Copco to Acquire Houston Service Industries II-80
  • Calsonic Kansei Launches New Compressor Company II-81
  • Gardner Denver Acquires Robuschi II-81
  • Kobelco Increases Capacity of Compressor Production II-81
  • Kobelco Launches New Compressor Manufacturing Plant II-81
  • Oerlikon Leybold Expands Production Plant II-81
  • Brownell Takes Over Airmark II-82
  • GreenHunter Completes Deal to Acquire New Assets II-82
  • Atlas Copco Builds Compressor Plant in China II-82
  • Atlas Copco to Construct Compressor Production Plant in Pune II-82
  • Plug Power Orders Air Squared Compressors II-83
  • INOXPA to Set-Up a Facility in Maharashtra II-83
  • CPI Inaugurates Shanghai Facility II-83
  • Hitachi Inks CPA for Compressors with Saudi Aramco II-83
  • U.S Natural Gas Purchases Knox Western Compressor II-84
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor to Establish Unit in Saudi Arabia II-84
  • Drytek Enters Into Partnership with Four US Manufacturers II-84
  • HTP Begins Marketing in Chinese Market II-84


  • Indovac Pumps & Engineering Develops Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump II-85
  • IHI and Atlas Copco Sign Sales Agreement II-85
  • Aurelius Acquires Danfoss Household Compressors II-85
  • Atlas Copco Acquires Quincy Compressor II-85
  • Compressor Products International Takes Over CC Technology II-86
  • Compressor Products International Takes Over Total & Superior Compression Service & Supply II-86
  • Atlas Copco Compressors Takes Over Compressor Division of Premier Equipment Corporation II-86
  • Atlas Copco Specialty Rental Enters into Partnership with Mainticare II-86
  • Indutrade Acquires A-Vacuum II-87
  • PTB Sales Enters into Partnership with S3 Alliance II-87
  • Tecumseh India Wins Order for Supply of Compressors to Panasonic Refrigerators II-87
  • General Electric Aviation Bags Contract to Supply Redesigned High Pressure Compressor II-87
  • Atlas Copco Purchases Assets of American Air Products II-87
  • Kobe Steel Launches Testing Plant for Large Capacity Compressors II-88
  • Unified Group Collaborates with National Compressor Exchange II-88
  • AlcatelLucent Divests Vacuum Pump Unit to Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology II-88
  • Toyota Industries Enters Into Joint Venture with DENSO II-88
  • CICB-Chemicon Forms Joint Venture with Fusheng II-88
  • Pfeiffer Vacuum Acquires Adixen II-89
  • Pfeiffer Vacuum Launches a Subsidiary in Moscow II-89
  • Siemens Enters into Partnership with FGC and ZAO Iskra-Avigaz II-89
  • Pfeiffer Vacuum Pockets Trinos II-89
  • Sundyne Purchases 100% Stakes of Sundyne Nikkiso JV II-89
  • Bain Capital Takes Over ASIMCO Technologies II-90
  • Metso Acquires Wyesco of Louisiana II-90
  • KSB Purchases Standard Alloys Inc II-90
  • Gardner Denver Pockets ILMVAC GmbH II-90
  • Indutrade Snaps Vacuum Pump Specialist, A-Vacuum II-90
  • GE Signs Agreement to Acquire Dresser Inc II-90
  • NSSL to Establish Pump and Compressor Unit in Maharashtra II-91
  • Ferrotec Takes Over Edwards Vacuums Temescal Division II-91
  • Atlas Copco Compressors Acquires Premier Equipment Compressor Division II-91
  • Atlas Copco Concludes Take Over of Quincy Compressor II-91
  • GE Oil & Gas to Purchase Stake in Shenyang Turbo Machinery II-91
  • MAN Diesel Merges with MAN Turbo II-92
  • Siemens Energy Receives Contract from WINGAS to Supply Compressor Solution II-92
  • Ascot Establishes Advanced Thermal Treatment Facility II-92
  • Atlas Copco Gas and Process Received Contract for LNG Market II-93
  • Dresser-Rand Group Acquires Compressor Renewal Services II-93
  • Siemens Energy Receives Contract from Ruby Pipeline II-93
  • HOERBIGER Acquires Compressor Business of Gala Precision Technology II-93
  • BHEL Selects Edwards for Installing Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Systems II-94
  • Boge Selects Airia Compressed Air Solutions as Distributor II-94
  • Tomlinson Installs Liquivac Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps at Wales II-95
  • Atlas Copco Takes Over Compressor Engineering II-95
  • United Technologies Takes Over Pressure Products II-95
  • Vortech Engineering and Opcon Form Strategic Alliance II-95
  • Valeo Purchases 100% of FAW-Valeo Climate Control Systems II-95
  • Atlas Copco Sro Acquires Servis AC Sro II-96
  • Devilog Systems India, ixetic Ink Joint Venture Agreement II-96
  • Emerson Climate Technologies Purchases Vilter Manufacturing II-96
  • Dresser-Rand Enters into Strategic Alliance with Samsung Techwin II-96
  • Siemens Energy Receives Contract to Supply Air Compressor Solution II-96
  • Edwards Obtains Contract from Chong Qing Steel Group II-97
  • WABCO Holdings and Yuchai Machinery Sign Development & Supply Agreement II-97
  • WABCO Holdings and Chery Automobile Ink Development & Supply Agreement II-97


  • Agilent Technologies Inc. (USA) II-99
  • ATLAS COPCO AB (Sweden) II-99
  • ABAC Aria Compressa S.p.A (Italy) II-99
  • Quincy Compressor (USA) II-100
  • Bristol Compressors International, Inc. (USA) II-100
  • Busch, LLC (USA) II-100
  • Edwards Limited (UK) II-100
  • Embraco SA (Brazil) II-101
  • Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. (USA) II-101
  • Gardner Denver, Inc. (USA) II-101
  • Ingersoll-Rand Plc (Ireland) II-102
  • Kaeser Kompressoren GmbH (Germany) II-102
  • Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum GmbH (Germany) II-102
  • Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH (Germany) II-103
  • PIAB AB (Sweden) II-103
  • Sanden Corporation (Japan) II-103
  • Sundyne Corporation (USA) II-103
  • Tecumseh Products Company (USA) II-104
  • Toyota Industries Corporation (Japan) II-104


III. Market















IV. Competitive Landscape

Companies Mentioned

  • ATLAS COPCO AB (Sweden)
  • ABAC Aria Compressa S.p.A (Italy)
  • Quincy Compressor (USA)
  • Alcatel Vacuum Technology (France)
  • Bristol Compressors International, Inc. (USA)
  • Busch, LLC (USA)
  • Edwards Limited (UK)
  • Embraco SA (Brazil)
  • Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. (USA)
  • Gardner Denver, Inc. (USA)
  • Ingersoll-Rand Plc (Ireland)
  • Kaeser Kompressoren GmbH (Germany)
  • Kaeser Compressors, Inc. (USA)
  • Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Gmbh (Germany)
  • Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH (Germany)
  • PIAB AB (Sweden)
  • Sanden Corporation (Japan)
  • Sundyne Corporation (USA)
  • Tecumseh Products Company (USA)
  • Toyota Industries Corporation (Japan)
  • Varian, Inc (USA)

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