IIJ Group Expands Cloud Computing Service "IIJ GIO US Service" Lineup in the U.S.

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TOKYO, Nov. 5, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ) (Nasdaq:IIJI) (TSE1:3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, and its 100% owned subsidiary, IIJ America Inc. (IIJ America), provider of backbone administration and ISP services in the United States of America, today announced the addition of the R Series to the IIJ GIO US Service lineup. The R Series makes it possible to build virtual servers with different configurations using the assigned resource pool.

In 2009, IIJ America first launched the hosting service, Point Red, which provided a high-quality, stable server environment primarily to Japanese companies in the United States using virtual servers. This was followed by the IIJ GIO US Service in 2012, and starting with the release of R Series, the Point Red service is being integrated into IIJ GIO US Service to create a new series of services for our clients.

By this integration, we achieve coast-to-coast coverage, from New York to Los Angeles and San Jose, with a broader range of applications such as internal corporate servers and disaster recovery. This makes optimized cloud services available to a wider spectrum of clients, from enterprises to social applications providers.

IIJ GIO US Service lineup

- R Series

The R Series allows clients to allot the necessary resources, which enables them to freely configure their virtual server, OS, and other service components. Being able to add a private network, take a snapshot, and create virtual server templates ensures maximum flexibility while easily creating the necessary system environment in the cloud, which is ideal for enterprise-class systems.

- E Series

The E Series provides virtual dedicated servers and various options such as VPN and firewall. It can also be used in combination with the D Series, or connected to an on-premise environment to support wide range of applications, which is ideal for an enterprise information systems infrastructure.

- D Series

The D Series can be used to create a dedicated server tailored to the client's needs. It allows selection of memory, disk space, SSD (solid-state drive), and other specs and configurations.

- V/X Series

The V/X Series provides reliable connectivity to the service platforms of social application providers (SAP) and enables the combined use of virtual servers (V Series) and dedicated servers (X Series). This is ideal for the information systems infrastructure in an SAP business.

IIJ America will continue to provide a broad range of services and respond flexibly to the diverse needs of our clients by increasing our presence in the United States and expanding IIJ GIO US Service for Japanese and local enterprises.

R Series Service Specifications

Virtual Machine OS CentOS/Windows/Other
Number of Virtual Machines Unlimited
Memory 1GB~
10 GB~ (10k rpm/15k rpm)
Disk Can be increased in units of 10GB.
200 Mbps shared
Internet Connectivity Option: Dedicated internet connectivity (1 Mbps to 1 Gbps)

About IIJ GIO US Service

The IIJ GIO US Service provides a highly flexible cloud environment in the United States with the same level of service as that found in Japan. The versatile service lineup can cope with a diverse range of needs, from enterprises to social application providers (SAP). There are three service centers--one on the east coast in New York, and two on the west coast in Los Angeles and San Jose--. They are all directly connected to the broadband backbone network connecting Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom to provide a low-latency, highly-stable cloud environment.

For details, see http://www.iij.ad.jp/en/svcsol/service/gio/gio-us.html

About IIJ

Founded in 1992, Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ) (Nasdaq:IIJI) (Tokyo Stock Exchange TSE1:3774) is one of Japan's leading Internet-access and comprehensive network solutions providers. IIJ and its group companies provide total network solutions that mainly cater to high-end corporate customers. IIJ's services include high-quality systems integration, cloud computing/data center services, security services, and Internet access. Moreover, IIJ has built one of the largest Internet backbone networks in Japan that is connected to the United States and the United Kingdom. IIJ was listed on NASDAQ in 1999 and on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2006. For more information about IIJ, visit the IIJ Web site at http://www.iij.ad.jp/en/.

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