Pathable Announces Event Experience Platform for Conference Managers and Corporate Meeting Planners

SEATTLE, Nov. 4, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pathable today announced availability of its event experience platform that gives conference managers and corporate meeting planners a single solution to drive attendee satisfaction and exhibitor/sponsor revenue. Pathable delivers a "digital conference experience in a box" that gives organizers fingertip control for managing must-have components including online agenda, exhibitor listings, private meeting scheduling and networked communities, interactive facility and tradeshow floor maps, surveys and all key aspects of a conference's digital program.

Pathable is also the only event-centric platform to combine a robust private networking solution with key event logistics tools, so that a flourishing community grows from a conference's digital program guide. For corporate, associations, and non-profit meeting planners, the solution is a boon, turning event web sites into highly engaged, ongoing community portals.

Says David Blatner, co-creator and host of PePcon: The Print + ePublishing Conference, "we tell our attendees 'come for the content, leave with a community'. Pathable is the key to delivering on that promise."

Pathable enables attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and event management to easily identify others with like interests or needs, engage in meaningful connection before, during, and after an event, and do it all wrapped in an experience that is seamless across desktop to mobile and back.

"Our attendees may come to our conference sites for different reasons: the agenda, the meeting scheduling, maps, etc. Then, while they may not have joined just for the social networking, once they come to the site, they find there are so many great ways to connect with each other and with the conference, they end up spending more and more time with the site overall," said Laura Rednour, conference manager for the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. "Pathable is a very powerful tool."

Pathable includes individual attendee and speaker profiles, discussion forums, calendars, social networks, exhibitor and sponsor listings, and interactive facility and tradeshow maps.

Attendees can search to find exactly the right people to meet based on interest, job title, region, company or any combination of profile characteristics. Once the right networking opportunities are identified, Pathable's calendar integration identifies mutually appropriate times and even meeting locations.

Pathable was designed for both desktop web and mobile using HTML 5 and does not need to be installed from an app store. Pathable works on any device with a modern browser and an Internet connection, and, for critical information (e.g., room changes, "running late to a meeting", etc.), Pathable can issue SMS text message alerts which can be accessed by any phone (and is much more reliable than in-app notifications).

"There are hundreds of niche providers for individual services (surveys, audience response, online agenda, mobile apps, exhibitor lists, tradeshow floor map, etc.). That's great if you're looking for a solution during the event, but unwieldy. And what about reviewing the schedule, starting conversations, booking meetings, etc. from your office before the event? A mobile event "app" cannot replicate that experience. Pathable event experience platform is the only before, during and after, complete desktop and mobile solution for conference planners," said Jordan Schwartz, CEO.

Pathable event experience platform has a number of other key features and benefits for organizers, exhibitors, attendees and sponsors. For a complete features list click here.

Pathable pricing starts at $4250 for single events, and is based on the number of attendees, number of exhibiting and sponsoring companies and the total number of events planned. Larger events, multiple event contracts and non-profits will see significant discounts.

About Pathable

Pathable event experience platform enables conference managers and corporate meeting planners to drive attendee satisfaction and exhibitor and sponsor revenue. Pathable delivers an easy-to-use toolkit to organizers, providing fingertip control for managing online agenda, exhibitor listings, private meeting scheduling, interactive facility and tradeshow floor maps, and much more. Pathable is the only event-centric private networking solution that develops and supports private year-round online communities for corporations, associations, and non-profits, enabling them to extend the value of their events. For attendees, Pathable creates an intentional networking experience that makes it easy to connect, engage, and build relationships before, during and after an event. For more information please visit

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