Graystone Company Announces Suriname Mining Operations Are Ahead of Schedule

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Lima, Peru, Nov. 5, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Graystone Company (OTCQB: GYST) announced today that the Company's joint venture operations in Suriname are currently ahead of schedule. The Company expected the joint venture to continue its general exploration for the next 12 months. However, the Company expects within the next 45 days the joint venture will begin its bulk prospecting phase. Additionally, the Company received the initial lab results from Suriname. The initial tests indicate approximately 4 grams of gold per ton. However, the Company expects recovery rates to be approximately 50% of the lab results. The Company expects that its overall gold production, from all of its operating subsidiaries, will begin to significantly increase within the next 2-3 months. The Company expects it will cost approxiamtely $40,000 - $50,000 to begin the bulk prospecting phase.

Suriname Project Summary

The Company has entered into 2 new prospecting contracts in Suriname. One is for 200 hectares ("Suriname 2") and the second one if for 2,400 hectares ("Suriname 3"). The Company is prospecting these properties with its joint venture partner and local operator. The Suriname operations are conducted as a joint venture whereby Graystone owns 40% of the joint venture. The joint venture is currently prospecting on the two properties and will enter into long term leases with the property owners if the results of the prospecting are favorable. The terms of these leases typically range from 10%-15% of the gold produced. Each property is owned by a separate company but are adjacent to each other. Pursuant to the prospecting contracts, the joint venture has 6 months of exploration rights with the ability to extend those rights by an additional 6 months. The joint venture also has the first right of refusal on Suriname #2 and has first right to identify 200 hectares on Suriname #3.

The joint venture has built out a camp for exploration and has the following equipment on hand: 1 hard rock crusher, one 4 month old Dooson excavator, two bush pick-up trucks, pumps, motors, and other various mining equipment. The joint venture has spent the last two months building roads and infrastructure within the properties and is currently working to identify sufficient water sources that would support full mining operations. The joint venture currently employs 8 full time employees and is employing a part time geologist and other mining consultants on as needed basis. The Company has uploaded videos on its Facebook page showing the excavator and mining crew working on the properties.

The joint venture is currently testing the properties in a grid pattern to identify high concentrations of gold rich material. After completing basic roads and camp a few weeks ago, the joint venture has commenced digging and bagging of samples to be sent to a lab for testing. These test areas are identified by GPS coordinates, bagged and sent to a lab in Suriname. The first batch of samples has been received and indicates approximately 4 grams of gold per ton. However, the Company expects recovery rates to be approximately 50% of the lab results.

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