C5 Insight Added to Microsoft's Business Critical SharePoint (BCSP) Program

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., Nov. 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- C5 Insight, a technology consulting firm that specializes in customizing and implementing CRM and enterprise collaboration solutions, has been selected as a partner for Microsoft's Business Critical SharePoint (BCSP) program.

Microsoft launched BCSP just over one year ago to connect elite Systems Integrators with SharePoint users requiring assistance in Line-of-Business data, risk, compliance, business intelligence and analytics. The program currently features only 101 partners worldwide.

"As a part of this program, Microsoft has given C5 Insight broad access to expertise and training materials designed to help our clients roll out business critical processes in SharePoint," says Geoff Ables, Managing Partner for C5 Insight. "The businesses that we're working with are experiencing greater innovation, improved employee performance and breakthrough ability to collaborate with customers and partners through SharePoint portals, search and business analytics."

Many companies encounter incomplete SharePoint roll-out or unsuccessful daily use due to limited customization to align with business processes, internal support and training. IT, Operations, and Executives are now turning to valuable resources such as C5 Insight for project rescue, upgrades and overhauls in addition to initial implementation. Curtis Hughes, Managing Partner for C5 Insight, noted, "We still believe that experience is the best teacher, and have been implementing solutions on the SharePoint platform for over 12 years. Books, training and certifications are all great things, but no single item has allowed us to add more value for our clients than our extensive experience and focus in being able to lead them through complex projects."

About C5 Insight: C5 Insight (www.c5insight.com) is a technology consulting firm based in Charlotte, N.C., that delivers innovative business solutions built on proven customer relationship management (CRM), collaboration and content management platforms. The firm is a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner for Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, and holds additional certifications in Salesforce.com, Informatica, Scribe, Azure, .NET, SQL Server, and other best-of-breed technologies and methodologies.

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