Houston Care Providers Leading Care Coordination Revolution

HOUSTON, Nov. 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Houston start-up Medifr has partnered with leading local physicians to revolutionize how healthcare providers share expertise, collaborate and coordinate care for their patients. "The way most care providers refer their patients and attempt to share patient information today is archaic, slow and frustrating," says Dr. Sean Martin, Director of Health and Technology. "We know twenty percent of referrals are never completed. Busy staff members don't have time to fax documents then follow up by phone, and there is no easy way to track referrals after they are sent. Care providers also face challenges sharing important patient information, which can really improve the quality of care."

As one of the country's leading medical cities, Houston is the epicenter for launching the new Medifr web-based platform. "We wanted to dramatically reduce or eliminate the barriers medical care providers face when adopting a new technology," says Khanh Phi, CEO of Medifr. "Medifr is the world's first open eReferral network and care coordination platform. It can be used with any electronic medical record and is operating system agnostic. If you've got internet access, you're up and running. Nothing to download, nothing to install, nothing to update."

Medifr's revolutionary platform recently launched version 2.0 and already has thousands of care provider members in the Houston area. "We are really excited to see the platform being adopted so quickly," continued Dr. Martin. "We expect to see a real improvement in our members' patient outcomes."

Medifr is free for healthcare providers and their staff members. Learn more at www.Medifr.com.

About Medifr

Medifr is the first open eReferral network that optimizes the referral process, allowing Care Providers to easily collaborate and coordinate care online for better patient outcomes. Medifr is EMR agnostic, adaptable to each unique Care Provider's workflow, and requires little to no training. Medifr increases Care Provider visibility and connects Care Providers with their local community to strengthen existing relationships and grow their network. Medifr will always be free for Care Providers and staff.

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