Hashtag creator: Don't expect a flood of tech IPOs

Tech IPOs and the Twitter effect

The Twitter IPO went off without a hitch, but that doesn't mean a ton of other tech IPOs will follow, said Chris Messina, the so-called godfather of the hashtag.

Asked whether he feels Silicon Valley start-ups would look to replicate Twitter's public offering, he told CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" on Thursday that he has the sense they are more focused on long-term development.

Messina is now head of community and growth at San Francisco-based start-up NeonMob.

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"I still think feel people are pretty cautiously optimistic about what they could do with a public offering," he said. "I think there a lot more people looking to build more valuable brands and products before they go public. At least that's my sense of it now."

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In 2007, Messina, then a developer advocate at Google, created the hashtag as a way to introduce his friends over email. Since being adopted by Twitter users, it has helped the social media company, advertisers and community promote trends and conversations to millions of users.

As popular as the hashtag became, Messina said that it hasn't been used to its fullest potential outside Twitter, specifically in Google searches, and that he expects companies will begin to leverage it more.

"It's sort of a slight disappointment to me that [it] hasn't happened before," Messina said. "That's just due to competition. What you'll probably see over the next couple of years is a lot more competition around companies trying to aggregate hashtags and aggregate social media in a way that draws those conversations together and makes sense of trends that are happening everywhere."

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