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More Americans considering relocation

Althea Chang

One in three people is willing to move to another state within the next two years, according to a recent study.

The number making such a move last year rose 6 percent from 2011, as better jobs and a lower cost of living lured people from their former residences, according to ERA Real Estate.

The price of housing is a big factor for potential homebuyers, according to ERA, which surveyed 286 consumers and ERA Real Estate brokers nationwide.

About 29 percent of brokers said prices are the most important factor in potential homeowners' decision to move, while 28 percent cite having good schools nearby and 17 percent cite proximity to work, the survey found.

"Americans are taking stock [of] their lives. We put the recession behind us. Unemployment is down, home values are rising and the average American out there is saying, 'What do I want to do going forward?' " said Charlie Young, CEO of ERA Real Estate in Skillman, N.J.

"We've got a lot of baby boomers who are retiring, as well," he added. "That's a reason to relocate, and there's a general trend to being closer to family and friends. So when you put it all together, it's lifestyle. That's the reason people move in the first place."

The survey found that real estate taxes actually aren't much of an issue. Only 8 percent of ERA brokers surveyed indicated that low real estate taxes are a major selling point, according to ERA.

To help save money on a move out of state, ERA suggests looking for deals through groups like AAA and the USAA and calculating the value of furniture, as it may make better sense to replace items after moving.

Moving in late fall or in the winter, considered off-season, could also lower costs, according ERA.

-By Althea Chang

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