3 stocks wrongly dumped: Cramer

If you just sold shares of these three companies post earnings, Cramer says you've got it all wrong.


In the after hours on Thursday, some investors couldn't dump Groupon fast enough after the company reported earnings..

"The stock dropped a dollar off a $9.90 basis as traders took one look at Groupon's quarter and decided that the bloom was off the rose and it was time to skedaddle," said Cramer.

However, had those sellers waited for the conference call, they would have heard every reason to buy – not sell.

The company talked about progress made in the portion of the business that sells deals through its smartphone app. Also, Groupon had positive comments about its acquisition of Asia-based e-commerce company Ticket Monster, for $260 million in cash and stock.

"Ticket Monster has been successful building a mobile commerce business in one of the largest markets in the world. It will serve as the cornerstone of our Asian business, bringing scale and e-commerce expertise to that region," CEO Eric Lefkofsky said.

The Mad Money host thinks both developments are signs Groupon is aggressively advancing its long-term mobile strategy – and, if anything, that's a compelling reason to put money to work, not cash out.

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Again, pros pummeled shares in extended trade, after Priceline released earnings on Thursday. "They sent Priceline down 50 points because the guidance was perceived as being incredibly weak," Cramer said.

However, had those sellers waited for the conference call, again they would have heard bullish commentary.

"The company appears to have instantly leveraged Kayak, it's now looking like a brilliant acquisition," Cramer said. One which should generate growth for some time to come.


In Thursday's aftermarket, you might say pros took Mickey out to the proverbial woodshed. "Traders pushed shares of Disney down to $64 worried about the ESPN numbers," Cramer said.

However, had those sellers waited for the conference call, they would have heard a completely reasonable explanation. "Disney said some fees associated with ESPN had been taken in a previous quarter," Cramer noted.

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All told, Cramer believes investors who sold Groupon, Priceline and Disney due to perceived weakness in earnings got it wrong.

If you dig into the numbers, Cramer says you'll find, "The businesses of Priceline, Groupon and Disney are each firing on all cylinders. If you're investing for 2014, as I am, all 3 of these companies look well poised for a remarkable year."

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