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Dublin, Nov. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/mbpfxn/cctvvideo) has announced the addition of the "CCTV/Video Surveillance Equipment - Global Strategic Business Report" report to their offering.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for CCTV/Video Surveillance Equipment in US$ Million by the following Product Segments: Cameras, Recorders, and Monitors. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2010 through 2018. A six-year historic analysis is also provided for these markets.

Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based upon search engine sources in the public domain.

Key Topics Covered:

I. Introduction, Methodology & Product Definitions

  • Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1
  • Disclaimers I-2
  • Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2
  • Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3
  • Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3
  • Cameras I-3
  • Recorders I-4
  • Monitors I-4

II. Executive Summary


  • Safety & Security - High Priority II-1
  • CCTV/Video Surveillance Equipment - An Overview II-2
  • Impact of 2007-2009 Recession in Retrospect II-2
  • Impact of the European Debt Crisis: A Review II-3
  • Current and Future Analysis II-5
  • Developing Markets to Drive Growth in the Short-to-Medium Term Period II-5
  • CIVETS - The New Hope II-6
  • Technology Developments - The Hallmark of CCTV/Video Surveillance Segment II-6
  • Digital CCTV Replaces Analog CCTV II-6
  • Migration from Analog to IP Based Video Surveillance to Boost CCTV/Video Surveillance Equipment Market II-7
  • Mega-Pixel Cameras - The Current Flavor for Network Video Surveillance II-9
  • The Quest for Product Differentiation Continues among Network Camera Manufacturers II-9
  • Day/Night CCTV Cameras II-9
  • Smart Cameras II-9
  • H.264 technology Eases Bandwidth & Storage Needs for Network Video Cameras II-9
  • The Network DVR II-10
  • Mobile Video Recorders - Enabling Real Time Event Capture II-10
  • Wireless Video Surveillance Equipment Grow in Prominence II-11
  • Imaging Technology Witnesses Rapid Advancements II-11
  • Digital Surveillance vs. Network Attached Storage II-11
  • Advanced Video Analytics Empowering CCTV/Video Surveillance Equipment II-11
  • Growing Use of Facial Recognition Technology Augurs Well for CCTV Equipment Market II-12
  • Cloud Solutions Add to Equipment Sales II-13
  • Cloud Services Drives Mobility for Video Surveillance - An Emerging Trend II-14
  • Wireless Technology for Signal Transmission II-14
  • Phone Line Video Transmission II-15
  • Government Security Projects - Key Revenue Contributors II-15
  • Airports Security Driving Significant Gains II-15
  • Global Military Video Surveillance Systems Market to Witness Significant Growth II-16
  • Retail, Healthcare & Hospitality Sector Lead Private Sector Contributions II-16
  • Home Security CCTV Market II-16
  • Business Demands Drive CCTV/Video Surveillance Equipment Sales II-16
  • Falling Equipment Prices Spur Increased Spending II-17
  • Open Standards Will Kindle Growth in Video Surveillance Industry II-17
  • Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) - An Issue of Privacy II-17
  • Controversies Surrounding the CCTV Hype II-18
  • Effectiveness in Crime Prevention under Question II-18
  • Legal and Courtroom Issues II-18
  • Civil Liberty and Infringement at Workplace Issues II-18
  • Competitive Scenario II-18
  • M&A Activity Rife in the Electronic Security Systems Industry II-19
  • Distribution Channels II-19
  • System Integrators II-19
  • Security Dealers II-19
  • Security Distributors II-19


  • CCTV - An Introduction II-20
  • Components of CCTV/Video Surveillance Equipment II-21
  • Cameras II-21
  • Advantages of Digital Camera over Analog Camera II-21
  • Recorders II-21
  • Monitors II-22
  • Different Types of CCTV systems II-23
  • Simple CCTV Systems II-23
  • Mains Powered CCTV Systems II-23
  • Video CCTV II-24
  • Analog CCTV II-24
  • Digital CCTV II-24
  • Digital Surveillance Systems II-24
  • Digital Video Recorder II-24
  • PC Based Digital CCTV II-24
  • Digital Vs Analog II-25
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) - An Insight II-25
  • CCTV - A Historic Insight II-26
  • CCTV During 1950-1980 II-26
  • CCTV in 1990s II-26
  • Major Applications II-26
  • CCTV as Preventive System II-26
  • CCTV as Movement Detection System II-27
  • System Integration II-27


  • Vicon Industries Launches V-CELL-IP High-Security Camera for Prison Cells and Custodial Suites II-28
  • Panasonic Launches WVTW310 Wearable Video Camera System II-28
  • Axis Communications Rolls Out AXIS M1034-W and AXIS M1033-W Wireless Network Cameras II-29
  • Honeywell Unveils LYNX Touch 5100 Self-Contained Security System II-29
  • Siemens Unveils Vectis HX Digital Video Recorder II-30
  • Pelco by Schneider Electric Rolls Out C20 Series CCTV Box Cameras II-31
  • Vicon Industries to Launch 1080p Model of Surveyor HD PTZ Dome II-31
  • MOBOTIX Launches MOBOTIX D14D II-31
  • Sony Electronics Launches EX Series of IPELA Engine-Based IP Cameras II-32
  • Cisco Systems Unveils Video Surveillance Manager 7.0 and a Range of Physical Security Solutions II-32
  • Axis Communications Unveils AXIS P12 Network Camera Range II-33
  • LOREX Technology Launches LOREX High Definition (HD) Series II-34
  • MicroPower Technologies Unveils HeliosTM Video Surveillance System II-35
  • ZyXEL Communications Launches Security Camera Range II-35
  • Hikvision Digital Technology Unveils DS-2CD8264FWD-EIZ Bullet Camera II-35
  • Hikvision Digital Technology Launches DS-9600NI-ST Embedded NVR Product Range II-36
  • Videocon Group Unveils New Line of HD SDI CCTV Equipment II-36
  • CCTV Camera Pros Unveils New BPRO-OL952 Bullet Camera II-36
  • Panasonic Launches New I-PRO Full HD Network Series Cameras II-36
  • Hikvision Digital Technology and Pelco Expand Integration with New Range of Products II-37
  • Axis Communications Introduces New Series of Intelligent and Sleek HDTV Quality Indoor Fixed Mini Domes II-38
  • Geutebruck Introduces New Range of Topline IP Cameras II-38
  • CCTV Direct Introduces New Range of HD-SDI CCTV Equipment II-39
  • Panasonic Launches New Analog Video Surveillance Cameras II-39
  • Sony Electronics Launches Range of Hybrid HD Cameras II-40
  • Sony Electronics Security Systems and Next Level Security Systems Develop Cloud-based Video Surveillance Solution II-40
  • MOBOTIX Launches IP Video Door Station, Two-Wire Network Module and RFID Access Module II-41
  • ADT Commercial, Axis Communications, EMC and Iomega Launch AXIS Video Hosting System II-42
  • Pelco Introduces SureVision Camera II-43
  • MOBOTIX Introduces D14 Dome Camera II-43
  • Vicon Industries Launches V660 Series II-44
  • Vicon Industries Unveils V960 Line II-44
  • Honeywell International Introduces IPCAM-WO Outdoor IP Camera II-44
  • Axis Communications Launches AlphaAXIS M50 Series II-45
  • Infinova to Launch New Products II-45
  • Dedicated Micros Introduces CamVu500 IP Camera II-45
  • Dedicated Micros Launches Upgraded Version of DM Network Video II-46
  • Sound Devices Unveils New Range of Pix Audio/ Video Recorders II-46
  • Patton Launches New SmartNode BRI VoIP Product Series II-47
  • Law Enforcement Associates Launches Scorpion Blue-Tooth Audio/Video Recorder II-47


  • ADT Security Services Unveils ADT Select View II-48
  • NICE Systems to Introduce NiceVision Net 2.0 II-49
  • Infinova to Unveil V6921-G Series II-49
  • Pelco Unveils Camclosure 2 Series II-49
  • Pelco Launches Sarix Thermal Camera Line II-50
  • UPC Nederland Rolls Out Remote Recording PVR Control Application II-50
  • Philips Unveils HDT8520 PVR Device in UK II-50
  • Patton Rolls Out Visuality™ Mobile Video Surveillance System II-51
  • Smartec Introduces STC-3002 Color CCTV Camera II-51
  • Texas Instruments Unveils DaVinci DMVA2 Video Processor II-51
  • Mirasys Unveils the Mirasys Spotter II-52
  • Exacq Technologies Introduces Exacq NVR Viewera II-52
  • Optelecom-NKF Introduces Siqura Video Surveillance Camera Range II-52
  • Panasonic System Networks Europe to Unveil i-Pro SmartHD Security Offering II-53
  • AG Neovo Technology Launches Enhanced SX-Series LCD displays II-53
  • Tektronix to Introduce Enhanced Lines of Rasterizers and Waveform Monitors II-54
  • Texas Instruments Unveils Enhanced DMVA1 II-54
  • Dropcam Releases iPhone Application for Mobile Video Surveillance II-54
  • Wireless CCTV Unveils WCCTV 3G Nano II-55
  • Sony Expands HD-Surveillance CCTV Camera Portfolio II-55
  • Codestuff Rolls Out Quorum Touch CCTV Camera II-56
  • Irisys Unveils IRI 5300 CCTV Camera II-56
  • NUUO Launches iViewer NUUO iPhone Application II-57
  • CCTV Camera Pros Introduces New S600VF12 Outdoor CCTV Camera II-57
  • Vista CCTV Unveils Range of VFDS Fixed Domes II-57
  • Bosch Security Systems Releases DSA-N2B40 iSCSI Video Storage Array Series II-58
  • Bosch Security Systems Introduces Video Recorder 400 Series II-58
  • Wireless CCTV Unveils the WCCTV 3G Mini Dome II-58
  • Sony Introduces Advanced HD Network Security Cameras II-59
  • Panasonic to Launch Novel Bundled Camera Systems II-60
  • CCTV Camera Pros Unveils Advanced iCamViewer Surveillance iPhone App II-60
  • Axis Introduces IP-based mobile video surveillance solution II-60
  • CCTV Camera Pros Unveils iDVR Surveillance DVR II-61
  • Sanyo Introduces New Series of CCTV Cameras II-61
  • Artec Technologies Rolls Out Novel GreenWatch Range II-61
  • Axis Launches New Collection of Outdoor Surveillance Cameras II-62
  • Axis Unveils AXIS M11 Network Cameras II-62
  • Axis Launches New Range of Fixed Dome Network Cameras II-63
  • Honeywell Unveils Video Surveillance System II-63
  • Chendu Imaging Soft To Unveil Real-Time CCTV Surveillance System II-64
  • Seon Design Rolls Out New Trooper® TL Series II-64
  • VideoIQ Launches VideoIQ ViewTM II-65
  • Axis Unveils AXIS Camera Application Platform II-65
  • NICE Unveils NiceVision eXpress II-66
  • The Building Technologies Division of Siemens Launches Siveillance Fusion II-66
  • Vicon Industries Rolls Out Advanced Scan Camera II-66
  • Vicon Unveils Improvements to its SurveyorVFTä Camera Domes II-66
  • ADT Unveils NaviView II-67
  • Conexant Introduces Novel Video Encoder II-67
  • IndigoVision Introduces Video Wall Software II-68
  • DVTel Introduces New Range of IP Encoders and Cameras II-68
  • Digimerge Technologies Introduces Pentaplex Network DVR and Colour Day/Night Cameras II-69
  • SANYO Introduces New High Definition Surveillance Cameras II-69
  • Seon Design Introduces SQ IR Dome Camera II-70
  • Panasonic Launches BB-HCM705, BB-HCM701, BB-HCM735 and BB- HCM715l cameras II-70
  • Bosch Introduces NBC-255-P Network Camera II-70
  • Swann Security Introduces PenCam DVR-421 II-71
  • Seon Design Launches Explorer® MX4 DVR II-71
  • IndigoVision to Introduce Compact NVR and New Range of Network Video Recorders II-72
  • International Business Machines Unveils Intelligent Security System II-73
  • Pelco Rolls Out Endura 2.0 and IP Cameras II-73
  • Seon Design Introduces Sherpa Rapid CCTV Camera Deployment System II-73
  • TeleEye Group to Introduce Remote Video Monitoring Solution in Collaboration with T-Com II-74
  • CCTV Camera Pros Introduces Range of NUUO Surveillance Systems II-74
  • Gennum Unveils New Audio Video Interface II-75
  • Avocado Security Releases Security Technology Version 3.0 II-75
  • Firetide Launches Wireless Surveillance System II-75
  • Axis Communications Unveils AXIS Q7404 Video Encoder II-76
  • Azalea Networks & Sentrus Launch Rapid Security Network Starter Kit II-76
  • NICE Systems Unveils SafeRoute Surveillance System II-76
  • Unicard Rolls Out DVR XP II-76
  • Neurotech Releases Face Recognition Surveillance Cameras II-77
  • Pelco Launches DS ControlPoint II-77
  • Avnet Unveils NEC LCD Panel Kit and Spartan Video Kit II-77
  • China Mobile Unveils Video Surveillance Service II-77
  • TRENDnet Releases Portable Camera Monitor Kit II-78
  • Axis Launches PTZ Dome Camera II-78
  • Axis Launches AXIS P13 Network Cameras II-78
  • Kowa and Axis Launch Precise Iris Control II-78
  • Honeywell Enhances IP Surveillance Portfolio II-79
  • March Networks Releases VideoSphere VMS 2.1 and 1080p Camera II-79
  • Siemens Introduces New Range of IP Color Cameras II-79
  • Vicon Introduces V1500X-SCCS System Controller II-80
  • Vicon to Launch VND-970IP Camera Dome II-80
  • Vicon Launches Vicon SMS Access Control II-80
  • Vicon Expands I-ONYX IP Camera Series II-81
  • Mango DSP Launches Condor VS-8 Video Encoder II-81
  • Stretch Unveils VRM6016 RDK For Video Surveillance II-81
  • CCTV Camera Pros Unveils Portable CCTV Test Monitors II-82
  • Third Iris Unveils Video Intelligence as a Service II-82


  • March Networks Collaborates with Software House for Integrated Video Surveillance & Access Control Management Solution II-83
  • IdentiSys Snaps Up Key Businesses of Mountainland Business Systems II-83
  • AMG-Panogenics Signs OEM Partnership Agreement with Tecton II-83
  • ADT Security Services Takes Over Proximex II-84
  • Vicon Industries Enters into Partnership with DITEK II-84
  • Infinova (Canada) to Acquire March Networks II-85
  • ANV Security Group Inks OEM Agreement with ZTE II-85


  • Patton Enters into Strategic Partnership with Neocenter for Distribution of IP Network Equipment II-86
  • Grain Media Collaborates with Conexant Systems to Develop New Reference Platform II-86
  • DVTel Acquires ioimage II-87
  • CBA and Spindlewood to Merge II-87
  • RADVISION Takes Over Selected Assets of Aethra II-87
  • Adtech Global Solutions Takes Over Telindus Surveillance Solutions II-87
  • Orbit AquaCam Merges with GMT II-88
  • Panasonic to Merge Panasonic Communications Company, Document Solutions, and Panasonic System Solutions II-88
  • Shackleton Equity Partners Takes Over Excel Meridian Data II-89
  • Cantronic Inks LoI to Purchase Actiontop Electronics II-89
  • United Technologies Acquires GE Security II-89
  • TeleHealth Services Bags Partnership Contract from Spotsylvania Regional Med. Center II-90
  • Sarawak Government Considers CCTV Installation in Flood-Prone Areas II-90
  • SCM Microsystems and Hirsch Electronics Merge II-90
  • Axis Security Takes Over Temple Security II-90
  • EET Nordic Takes over SafeVision II-91
  • Vimicro Tianjin to Snap Up Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bells ViSS Business II-91
  • CSST Inks Letter of Intent To Acquire Santachi Video Technology II-91
  • Cantronic Systems Acquires Shenzhen Huanghe Digital Technology II-92
  • NICE Systems and Actimize Ink Seven-Digit Deal with Swiss Bank II-92
  • Royal Dutch Shell Enters Into Partnership with Invensys Operations Management II-92
  • Lumenera Enters Into Partnership with Litco Technologies II-93
  • Proxim Wireless Enters Into Partnership with Pemel Security II-93
  • Orsus and Orad Enter Into Partnership II-93
  • Panasonic Enters into Partnership with Pelco II-93
  • Panasonic Enters into Sponsorship Agreement with AEG II-94
  • Vimicro International Enters into Joint Venture with TEDA II-94
  • Panasonic Selects Pacific Communications as New CCTV Distributor II-94
  • On2 Technologies Offers License to Westec Interactive II-95
  • RISCO Group Enters into Partnership with Milestone Systems II-95
  • Meyertech and Matrox Enters into Partnership II-95
  • Dedicated Micros Enters into Partnership with Tridium II-95
  • Vigilant Technology Extends Global Operations II-96
  • PVSS Selects Tech Data as Exclusive IT Distributor II-96
  • Mirasys Enters into Partnership with SUMA II-96
  • Abu Dhabi Mens College Starts a New Training Center for Security Application II-97
  • Cybera Enters into Partnership with Envysion II-97
  • MATE and Hirsch Electronics Integrate Solutions II-97
  • ObjectVideo Enters Inks Partnership Agreement with SeeTec II-98
  • Motorola Bags Contract to Supply Video Surveillance Solutions II-98
  • Transnet Port Terminals to Deploy NiceVision Net Solution II-98
  • Allegro Signs License Agreement for Video Encoding IP Solution II-99
  • Global Business Solutions and MATE-Intelligent Video Enter into Distribution Agreement II-99
  • GE Security and Ingersoll-Rand Security to Deploy IP Video Surveillance Solution II-99
  • VideoIQ Signs Agreement with Stratel and Bridge 129 II-99
  • DNF Security Signs Partnership with On-Net Surveillance Systems II-100
  • Pivot3® Signs Partnership with Lamar Associates II-100
  • Time Domain Enters Partnership with ShopperTrak II-100
  • ADT Security Services Signs Agreement with Interact II-101


  • Axis Communications (Sweden) II-102
  • Bosch Security Systems (Germany) II-102
  • Cantronic Systems Inc. (Canada) II-102
  • Chubb Edwards (Canada) II-102
  • Dedicated Microcomputers Limited (UK) II-103
  • Diebold Inc (US) II-103
  • Guardian Protection Services, Inc. (US) II-103
  • Hirsch Identive (USA) II-104
  • Honeywell International Inc. (US) II-104
  • Huviron Co., Ltd. (Korea) II-104
  • March Networks Corporation (Canada) II-105
  • Mobotix AG (Germany) II-105
  • NETVERSANT Solutions LLC (US) II-105
  • NICE-Systems, Ltd. (Israel) II-105
  • Panasonic Corporation (Japan) II-106
  • Pelco Inc (US) II-106
  • Secom Co., Ltd. (Japan) II-107
  • Siemens Building Technologies Ltd (Switzerland) II-107
  • Sony Electronics, Inc. (US) II-107
  • Toshiba America, Inc. (USA) II-107
  • Tyco International Ltd. (Bermuda) II-108
  • ADT Security Services, Inc. (US) II-108
  • Vicon Industries, Inc (US) II-108
  • Yoko Technology Corp. (Taiwan) II-108


III. Market
1. The United States
2. Canada
3. Japan
4. Europe
5. Asia-Pacific
6. Latin America
7. Rest Of World

IV. Competitive Landscape

Companies Mentioned

The report profiles 152 companies including many key and niche players such as:

  • Axis Communications
  • Bosch Security Systems
  • Cantronic Systems
  • Chubb Edwards
  • Dedicated Microcomputers Limited
  • Diebold
  • Guardian Protection Services
  • Hirsch Identive
  • Honeywell International Inc
  • Huviron
  • March Networks Corporation
  • Mobotix
  • Netversant Solutions
  • NICE-Systems
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Pelco
  • Secom
  • Siemens Building Technologies
  • Sony Electronics
  • Toshiba America
  • Tyco International
  • ADT Security Services
  • Vicon Industries
  • Yoko Technology

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